MSD Lawrence Township Delays the Start of School

Just five days ago Lawrence Township Schools released their plan to begin the new school year. School leadership warned that the plan and procedures laid out within the plan were subject to change. Initially, Lawrence Township schools were scheduled to return to class on Monday, August 3rd with an in-person learning track as well as a virtual option for students who preferred to stay home and continue learning from a distance.

On Monday, July 20th, the Lawrence Township Board of Education voted unanimously to instead begin school on August 13th. This is a move that we’re seeing more and more Indianapolis area schools make to avoid a full shut down of in-person learning.

You can find the full reopening plan for MSD Lawrence online.

Lawrence Schools are among others who have delayed the start of school, but unlike the IPS Schools who are using the time to watch COVID trends, Lawrence will be using the extra time to prepare staff with the re-entry plan. Pike Township has also announced a delay to the start of the school year.

Carmel Schools will incorporate a hybrid model into their reopening plans. Noblesville updated their plan last week after a parent survey had 90% of the student population returning to campus, making it impossible to social distance. With the announcement that the Washington Township Reopening Plan would be postponed and instead they would be opening 100% virtually, this is an interesting alternative.

From the LT School Press Release:

INDIANAPOLIS – This evening, the Board of Education of the MSD of Lawrence Township voted unanimously to delay the start of school for students from August 3, 2020 to August 13, 2020. The additional time will be used to assure staff comfort with classroom configurations, to allow staff additional time for walkthroughs and development of routines for classrooms and labs, time to test broadband load for virtual teams, and additional time for dissemination and review of the current plan as well as contingency plans. The complete district re-entry plan is available at Students currently have the option of returning to school for on-site instruction or enrolling in virtual programming.

According to superintendent, Dr. Shawn A. Smith, “We believe this delay provides the needed additional time to ensure staff comfort with the re-entry plan.” He adds, “Keeping in mind the fluidity of the situation and potential for future changes, I believe the MSD of Lawrence Township will be ready to welcome students to the 2020-2021 school year on August 13.”

About the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township: The nine largest and one of the fastest growing school district in the state, the MSD of Lawrence Township serves over 16,000 students across four Early Learning Centers, eleven Elementary Schools, two Middle Schools, two High Schools, a Center for Innovation and Technology, and an alternative setting high school. Lawrence Township strives to be the district of destination, a reputation built over the years based on the district’s award-winning staff, accomplished administrators, high-achieving students, supportive community, and innovative educational programs. Visit our website at

Families who need assistance with school supplies can find a list of events and organizations providing free school supplies on


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