Staying Active and Safe in 2020 | Precautions at NinjaZone Academy

2020 threw us a huge curveball. Like many families, we were an active family full of scheduled activities and things to do and suddenly everything stopped in March. We kept active with PLAYdates and NinjaZone online classes, but my Ninja was really missing the gym.

It’s a complicated time, and my husband and I weighed our options before we jumped back into classes. NinjaZone has added many precautions, and after careful consideration we decided it was time.

Ninja’s Zone Four Phase Safety Plan

As a worried mom, I’m really appreciative that NinjaZone and Wright’s Gymnastics had a well-prepared plan before they opened their gyms. Phase one was what we did during the state shutdown–all classes are virtual. Phase two is limited availability for classes, team practices, independent gym time, and private classes. In phase three, classes are teams are in person, but there is limited availability for  birthday parties and special events. Phase four is completely open.

While Independent gym time is available in Phases two, three, and four, it is location based. We are currently in Phase four,  but check with your NinaZone location!

New Precautions to NinjaZone Classes

As part of the state mask mandate, you are required to wear a mask when you enter NinjaZone. Ninjas are not required to wear them while participating, but all the coaches wear their masks the whole time. Parents can stay to watch in the gallery, but masks must be worn the entire time. Ninjas, and anyone watching, must bring their own water, as water fountains are turned off.

Precautions for the Ninjas

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice during class is the smaller group size. NinjaZone has added more classes and made the classes sizes smaller to limit the number of students in each class. Each student is distanced on the mat by spots on the floor during warm-up and the Ninja Creed.

The students do each station as a circuit individually, so only one student in on a piece of equipment at a time. The coaches explain each activity and roam between the kids to help. It’s actually a more tailored class. Each ninja gets more one-on-one time with a coach. Between each circuit, the ninjas get water and sanitize their hands.

Parents are required to do a temperature check for their children. If your ninja is sick, they need to stay home. They also ask that students not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to class, giving the coaches time to sanitize and prepare for the next group.

Not only do the Coaches wear a mask the entire class, they are also required to do temperature checks. NinjaZone has moved customer service to their central office, so there is not extra office staff in the gym.

Precautions for the Family

Parents are still allowed to watch their Ninjas, but they encourage you to drop-off your ninja. If you do want to go in the gym, only one parent or caregiver can attend with their Ninja. In the parent gallery, there is still seating available, but the toddler toys have been removed. They’ve taken the guesswork out of social distance with “X” spots that indicate where to sit–you can still choose to sit at  a table or in the bleachers.

Hand sanitizer is available for everyone, and Ninjas are expected to sanitize when they arrive at the gym as well as in between stations.

Ninja is committed to keeping all Ninjas, their families, and staff as safe and healthy as possible. Please note that precautions may change based on the current situation in Indiana. Please check with NinjaZone directly before you visit to ensure you have the most current information on their policies. They have a plan for ninja “drop-off” if the need arises.

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