Noblesville Schools Change Return to School Plan Again

Noblesville Schools released their return to school plan and it’s the most thorough plan we’ve seen shared so far. This plan was updated ten days later to reflect an alternative schedule at the high school level that only allows for a hybrid schedule for in-person students, much like the Carmel Schools reopening plan. The return to school plan was updated again with the hybrid model now extending to the middle school and staggered start times for the elementary school.

Many parents are looking for details about what happens if there’s a positive case at their school. Center Grove Schools had a great response and laid out their plan for what happens if a student has a positive COVID test.

Back to School | COVID Reopening Plan Changes

Students have access to a learn at school or learn at home option. Students will not be able to switch back and forth between options. Students must commit for a semester at a time to the virtual or in-person learning paths.

On July 18th, Noblesville Schools update their reopening plan to now include the middle school students in the hybrid model. Additionally, the elementary schools will have two start times (7:30 and 8am) for the bus runs and dismiss a little early (1:30 and 2).

On July 10th, Noblesville Schools updated their reopening plan to include a hybrid model for high school students where only 50% of the students will be in the building at one time. All students will still participate in daily classes (including having attendance taken) but 50% will be in person and 50% will be at home. This is in response to a parent survey that went out where parents indicated that 90% of students would return to campus. This mass return to in-person learning make social distancing impossible.

School officials acknowledge that with 3500 people in the building (3200 students + 300 adults), following CDC guidelines will be difficult. This difficulty is further compounded by the constant movement of students as they have many choices of course work. Recognizing the need for a robust offering of courses (instead of the limited offerings available in the online platform), NHS students will be asked to start the school year with this hybrid model so they can continue to work for their credits, compete for scholarships, honors diplomas, and college admissions.

K-5 Online School

Grades K-5 will use Canvas learning management software with support and instruction from a licensed teacher through Noblesville Schools. Students will receive both virtual instruction via class meetings,  one on one meetings and small group meetings. There will also be pre-recorded lessons and additional exercises, readings and activities may be assigned. Students will be engaged in e-learning for 1..5-2.5 hours daily.

Grades 6-12 Online School

Grades 6-12 will use Edmemtum and not all classes will be available. Their progress will be monitored by a licensed teacher but their course content will be delivered via the software. The time required to complete daily coursework is comparable to in-person learning.

In-Person Learning

Social distancing will be required as much as possible in classrooms, on buses and at lunch.

Masks are to be worn by students on buses, in the cafeteria line, in hallways and as needed in the classroom. The school will be providing each student with a mask clip. “Students who cannot or will not wear a mask need to choose the online option.” Students should plan to have two cloth masks as part of their back-to-school supplies.

On the bus, students will sit one student per seat, in reserved seats. If siblings attend the same school, they can sit together on the bus.

Water bottle filling stations will be available in lieu of drinking fountains, food for sale will be pre-wrapped and no cash will be accepted. Food service staff will assist students with handling food. Students will wash their hands prior to lunch.

The school medical office will have an area that is isolated for students who exhibit signs of illness.

Playground zones will be established and students will have a rotating playground zone schedule.

Parents will be responsible for monitoring and ensuring their daily health of their child when they are sent to school. Students must be fever free for more than 72 hours before returning to school.

Cleaning and disinfecting at the school will be increased.

No visitors permitted on campus.

Days that have historically been scheduled for e-learning and Wednesday early release times will not take place for students attending school. In a response from a Noblesville Schools on a Facebook questions, they indicated that they “anticipate possible schedule disruptions due to COVID and want to have as much face time with students as possible.”

Details regarding sports and performing arts will be available later this summer.

The school calendar remains unchanged at this time with regards to scheduled holidays breaks, start and finish dates. The only change is to the Wednesday early release schedule and e-learning days.

Additional information can be found here.

11 thoughts on “Noblesville Schools Change Return to School Plan Again”

  1. Many parents have learned over the past several months that their children were more “indoctrinated,” rather than “educated” while attending public schools (nationwide, not just Indiana), so for quite a lot of parents, becoming their child’s home-schooling teacher has worked out well, especially when one parent is a “stay-at-home” parent who can easily educate their child, or at least oversee what teachers are teaching children. Expect involved parents to share their criticisms at school board meetings. Fortunately, more and more businesses are finding that they can allow their employees to work from home much of the week, which could be a boon for businesses whose primary monthly expense is leasing a commercial building. COVID-19 has been horrible, to be sure, but as with most things, there is a positive for every negative and this has been an eye-opener.

    1. Where is this evidence of “indoctrination” instead of “education” and what exactly are they being “indoctrinated” in?

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