Oh, Baby: Baby Number Three

I wrote this post almost two weeks ago because it’s all I could do to stop myself from telling you before now. The truth is, I wrote it in my head over two months ago. I’ve poured it back and forth in my brain from bucket to bucket. I’ve swished it around, I’ve strained it, I’ve tested it and here it is.

We’re expecting.




All of my pregnancies have been 100% planned and expected, including this one, “Baby Poppy” as we’ve taken to calling him/her. I only tell you this because if you know our story, you are probably wondering. That seems to be the question people ask me every time I’ve been pregnant. And yes, we planned this pregnancy.

Of course, I will share with you that when I found out, I cried. My tears were those of happiness, joy, sadness, grief, fear, terror, guilt. My brain began asking me unimaginable questions, questions that don’t even matter because they aren’t real scenarios. But still, my brain asked my heart these heart wrenching questions for which there are no answers.babypoppy

Instead of mulling them over, we are celebrating. We are celebrating the possibility of life, the possibility of a newborn baby in our home once again. Will you celebrate with us again? Will you come be a part of our continuing story of love and life?

Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and prayers over the past few months. We ask for your continued love as we share more of our life with you. Thank you for your continued role in our journey.

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