On the Go Product Recommendation: Mabel’s Labels

These cute little things are the best! Last fall, my friend Jen (Pensacola with Kids) had a Facebook status about having to label everything for school for her two children. EVERYTHING! Like, each individual crayon had to have his name on it. Lame. Then, Lulu started preschool and they wanted her sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers, lunch containers, diaper bag, shoes….everything labeled. Lucky for me, I met some pretty awesome ladies at Blogher the past two years and they introduced me to their company, Mabel’s Labels.

Image from Mabel's Labels

Mabel’s seriously has the cutest labels I have ever seen. Sure, you could print some up on your computer, I’m a DIY kind of gal but these labels were perfect for us because they are dishwasher and microwave safe – super important with sippy cups and food containers. One year later and we still haven’t lost a label AND they still look very shiny and new!

All of the moms at Lulu’s school ask me about the labels and I’m more than happy to let them know where they came from. Mabel’s has labels for everything! Even crayons! We got the Ultimate Back to School Pack and it included 40 Skinny-Minis for the dishwasher/microwave safe stuff, 50 Tag Mates that are washer and dryer safe for her coats and sweaters and blankies and stuffed friends, 16 Shoe Labels (haven’t lost a shoe yet!) and 2 Teeny Tags which we used on the diaper bag and the bottle bag.

I love all of the styles, colors and cute little designs offered and especially the durability. At a birthday party the other day there were 17 different sippy cups laying around and being used. Everyone knew which one belonged to Lulu but they all wished that the one with the adorable label belonged to their kid!

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