From time to time I like to share with you some things that make being a parent or grandparent on the go just a little bit easier.

Recently I purchased a set of Bumble Collection Hannah Snack Bag and Haley Snack Bag. These photos feature the bad I purchased as well as the print I selected (Evening Bloom) but there are many styles and colors that you can choose from.

Every day we are out and about – if Lulu isn’t at preschool we are strolling around trying out new places and learning new things. For this reason an insulated lunch container is a necessity so that is why I bought the Hannah sized bag. Sometimes we are just running errands or planning on returning home for lunch so we don’t need a lunch sized bag. Lucky for me there was a small snack sized bag called the Haley. So, we have both! Now I’m interested in looking at more of their collection because we LOVE our snack bags!

One of my favorite features is that if spot cleaning just isn’t cutting it, I can toss the bag into the wash machine and then lay it flat to dry. Another feature I love is the removable compartments. Sometimes it’s nice to keep the snack containers in compartments but sometimes we don’t need them so we can take them out or adjust them to fit different sized containers. And finally, you’ll notice that so many of our photos on this site feature a stroller. For that reason I totally recommend these bags because they are MADE to strap to your stroller! Seriously! ANY stroller!


I have not been paid to tell you about The Bumble Collection nor have I received ANY free product from them. I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite products that I’m using right now. However, if you happen to click on the links above and purchase these products, a portion of your purchase will help support this website.