Only one hour from Indy: Spring Fest at Purdue

Spring Fest at Purdue has been canceled for 2020.

Pack the kids up in the car and head up to Purdue for Spring Fest

And if you are a sports fan you can check out the Boilermaker Football spring scrimmage game starting at 1 pm for FREE.  Just make your way to the stadium and check out next year’s team.

Not familiar with the campus?  Don’t worry there are plenty of parking garages to park in.  You will see tents set up all over campus and many places have maps to hand out telling you where everything is located.  If you’ve got little ones take a stroller or wear your comfortable walking shoes.  There are food vendors set up selling lunch, snacks and drinks if you get hungry. Make plans to spend a couple of hours here because there is lots to see and do.  Many of the buildings are open with additional activities inside.

We love Spring Fest and look forward to it every year.  While I may be a little bit partial to the old gold and black, you will definitely want your kids to experience all the hands on educational opportunities the campus has to offer this weekend.  It doesn’t matter if you have toddlers or teenagers there is sure to be something for everyone.  And the best part is that it is FREE!

My husband and I both worked Spring Fest as undergrads and now take our kids as alumni.

Imagine if you will, all the science based majors and fields of study have tables set up on the campus lawn, under tents, with activities for kids to do to learn more about each area. Last year my kids saw bubbles being made that were as big as their stroller.  They planted seeds, painted with soils (yes, there are different colors of dirt out there and you can learn more about that from the Agronomy Department), got their face painted, received free balloons, and so much more.

Are your kids interested in bugs?  Then check out the Entomology area and the bug bowl where kids can pet a tarantula or spit a cricket.  Do they like animals?  Then visit the Boiler Barnyard where they have a farm petting zoo set up.  Are they interested in becoming a veterinarian?  There are a whole slew of activities going on at the vet schools with lots of demonstrations to get your kids excited about learning and see what all higher education has to offer. Seriously there are like a hundred activities for kids to partake in and it all takes place rain or shine!

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