The International Orangutan Center offers a one of a kind experience with eight apes!

International Orangutan Center | Indianapolis Zoo


orangutan centerThe Indianapolis Zoo has been home to eight endangered orangutans for the past several years. Most of them have a star studded Hollywood background but they sure do love Indianapolis. Their new stomping grounds are in the International Orangutan Center, a habitat that was designed and built for guests to have multiple observation and interactive opportunities with these friends. During my visit, I think that the apes were probably the spectators and I was the one on exhibit, I sure was making funny noises and gestures!

orangutan center hands on indy zooOne feature that is sure to be a favorite for all ages is the Skyline, an aerial gondola ride that rises 50 feet above the Zoo and offers an up-close view of the orangutans exploring the Myrta Pulliam Hutan Trail, a sidewalk in the sky! The orangutans make the tightrope walk from platform to platform and guests will follow along on 1200 feet of track. Rides on the gondola are $3 per person and this attraction is expected to be open in June.

When the zoo closes at night, the fun isn’t over. A 150-foot structure called the Beacon of Hope will be illuminated each night and the colors will be controlled by the orangutans!

I love that the Orangutan Center offers indoor and outdoor interactions with the apes. Inside the center, guests can interact with the resident orangutans by way of a touch screen panel. There will be classroom experiences and other opportunities to learn about our endangered friends.

Orangutans at the Indianapolis ZooThe International Orangutan Center is a permanent structure and exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo. Admission and participation are included with your zoo admission. Very heavy crowds are expected when the center opens on Saturday, May 24th and throughout the weekends. The best time to visit at this time will be during weekday mornings.

New this summer, the Indianapolis Zoo has opportunities to save money on your tickets when you purchase them in advance online. Take a peek at the calendar and select your dates for different rates. Admission is less expensive on days where lower attendance is projected and when purchased in advance.Orangutans at the Indianapolis Zoo with kids



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