What to Expect at the PAW Patrol: Adventure Play Exhibit

PAW Patrol Exhibit

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has created the first ever PAW Patrol experience and it’s amazing! Is this exhibit coming to your local museum? Here’s what you can expect.
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What Can You Do at Paw Patrol Exhibit?

🐾When kiddos first enter the Adventure Play area, Pup Packs are available for them to strap on to their back as the explore the areas.

🐾Scoot around the Paw Patrol Adventure Play exhibit and find all of your favorite pups and pose for a photo with them … or kiss them like my two year old did.

🐾Work with other pups to stack the tallest cake in front of Porter’s Cafe, it’s a race against the infamous Mayor Hundinger from Foggy Bottom.

🐾Cook up tasty treats in the kitchen play area inside of Porter’s Cafe or make a pretty donut stack and replant the flowers.

🐾Help Rocky sort the trash into the recycle bins.

🐾Run around and pose for a photo with the Lookout Tower!

🐾Cuddle up with a Paw Patrol book on the couch in front of the fireplace at Jake’s Snowboarding Resort.

🐾Climb and slide down the mountain and rescue Jake from the snow avalanche.

🐾 Look at a “life-sized” version of the Paw Patroller and play with all of the buttons.

🐾Help the pups pack their packs at the magnetic puzzle stations.

🐾Make up your own story at the Adventure Bay activity tables.

🐾Use the photo booth/screen to assemble your own Paw Patrol team.

🐾Visit the Ruff-Ruff Rescue Center for hourly programming;

My Personal Pup Pack
Learn about the different tools inside Pup Packs and how they help overcome challenges.

Adventure Bay Art Fair Cat-astrophe
Make things for an art fair using recycled materials.

Rescue Mission: Find Chickaletta
Help with a rescue mission to help find Chickaletta.

🐾Help Skye rescue baby sea turtles and get them to their mama.

🐾Zoom around Adventure Bay in the Sea Patroller and save the baby birds.

All About the Paw Patrol Exhibit

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Everest, and Tracker will assist you along the way as you help other friends, all while discovering the unique abilities within your family team. A visit to the Ruff-Ruff Rescue Center will involve pretend play and hands-on interactives that encourage self-confidence, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Each of the pups has special skills, gadgets and vehicles to help them on their rescue missions. In the exhibit, families are invited to pop on a pup pack containing their own imaginary tools to check out the lay of the land from the lookout tower or scope things out near the snowy slide to see if anyone is in trouble. They can also hop on board the Land Patroller, push buttons and drive it to the mountain top and help Rubble and Everest excavate a cave and save the day when a snowboarder is in trouble. Those with a taste for a foodie adventure can whip up tasty treats in the pretend bakery and help Adventure Bay win the Tallest Cake Competition by stacking layer upon layer of soft, spongey cake. Or, head out to sea aboard the Sea Patroller, steering it to rescue baby seagulls and turtles. 

The hands-on, immersive exhibit is a fun way for the whole family to learn bravery and heroism, with exciting stories that never get too scary because the whole family can save the day by combining their skills to problem-solve together.

The theme of nurturing friendships and caring for our community and the world around us will hit the road for a national tour at the end of July — but it all starts right here — PAW Patrol in Indianapolis!

There’s no job too big and no pup too small!

Touring Schedule for the Paw Patrol Exhibit

Fall 2019
The Children’s Museum of Memphis

Spring 2020
Glazer Children’s Museum

Summer 2020
The Mayborn

Fall 2020
Discovery Cube, LA

Spring 2021
Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples

Summer 2021

Fall 2021
Liberty Science Center

Spring 2022
Liberty Science Center

Summer 2022
The Strong

Fall 2022
The Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Spring 2023
The Canadian Museum of History

Summer 2023
Bay Area Discovery Museum

Fall 2023
Discovery Cube

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