I received compensation from Portrait Innovations to share my experience with you. I’ve enjoyed working with our local studio for many years and I’m excited to continue our relationship. Sponsored content supports the work of Indy with Kids in our community. All opinions and stories are true and honest.

He wouldn’t be in the family pictures. My son decided at the age of two that enough was enough, he wasn’t going topose for any more pictures — the day he decided to do this was on family picture day.
It’s funny because he’s the kid that gently touches the tops of his teeth together and curls up the sides of his lips, chin raised in perfect form and says, “Cheeeeeese,” if my hand even grazes my phone. He’s the one that spends so much time looking in the mirror, making adorable faces, posing, cocking his head from side to side. He’s the one that absolutely has an opinion on which clothes he wants to wear.

Not today, not the day that I wanted his gorgeous blue eyes to look straight ahead and the camera, smile and turn on the adorable charm. Not today, not the day that I had perfectly coordinated outfits for four children. Doesn’t he know how difficult it was to find a polo shirt in that perfect shade of blue-ish green, but not too much green? Not today, not when we had a beautiful field of flowers seemingly behind us and patient photographer before us.

After having our gorgeous holiday photographs taken that I mailed out to our family and friends over the holidays, we returned to Portrait Innovations to capture spring photos of our children. We took our children back there because we love their work; we love the creative props, classic sets with on trend features, friendly photographers who work with the situation, the many, many, many photos they take so that you have selection, the fast service that allows you to take home your treasured photos right away and the price.

Portrait Innovations is offering their best spring special ever. The Spring 24 Portrait Package is only $19.99 plus a Free $100 16×20 Canvas with coupon found by clicking this link. Included in the portrait package is 1-10×13 Wall Portrait, 2-8x10s, 4-5x7s, 4-3x5s, 8-2x3s, and 5-5×7 cards, plus a high resolution CD with your favorite pose. And, you can save 20% on all additional purchases in studio. Portrait Innovations never charges sitting fees so bring the whole family. Appointments are limited so schedule your appointment today!


Today, our family tested all of the things we love about Portrait Innovations. And guess what? Portrait Innovations won, yet again! The spring flowers did not wilt as my son tried to run and climb away from the optimal sitting pose, the photographer was patient and worked with us and with my son to get him comfortable and happy, there were many, many photos to choose from — despite the fact that my son decided today was NOT going to be picture day, my photos were ready within an hour and the price was amazing.

We won’t always get so many portraits taken in a year, but while my babies are young and changing everyday in features, in body and in temperament, I want to capture all of those changes, I want to remember forever what these times we’re like…all of these times. Yes, I want to laugh and smile about the two year old that refused to stand in the perfect pyramid of babies and instead scowled off to the side, away from his sisters. You better BELIEVE I selected some of those photos to take home!


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