Pike Township Schools Shift School Start to Monitor Trends of COVID-19

Students in Metropolitan School District of Pike Township anticipated returning to school on August 4th. The Pike Township Schools reopening plan was approved at the School Board Meeting on July 17th and it included delaying the start of school until Tuesday, August 11, “in order to give families more time to review their options, allow schools additional time to plan, and also monitor the data trends of COVID-19.”

These missed school days will be made up with adjustments to Fall break and Thanksgiving break schedules.

MSD Pike Township is offering full time, in-person learning and a virtual learning option. They have also made plans should it become necessary to move to “Digital Remote Learning” in the event of a school closure. All students participating in virtual learning are eligible to borrow a device if needed.

Families are asked to respond in Skyward as to their choice for Virtual or In-Person schooling. The response deadline has been moved to Friday, July 24th.

Dr. Flora will review the new reopening plan during her Facebook Live session on Tuesday, July 21st.

Face Coverings and Masks at Pike Schools

Staff and students are required to have a face covering for in-person instruction and this can include; Masks that cover both the nose and mouth or a Cloth covering of nose and mouth, for example, a bandana or Face shields. Face coverings are also required to ride the bus.

Cleaning and Health

Students will be given extended opportunities for adequate hand washing. Hand sanitizer will be available for staff and students and  disinfectant wipes for surfaces will be available in the classroom.

Cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be implemented in each school facility and buses will be disinfected prior to each route. High touch common areas will be disinfected throughout the day.

Non-essential visitors will not be allowed on campus.

COVID and Illness Procedures

There will be a designated contact person for reporting COVID-19 cases to the Marion County Public Health Department. Every school building will have a  designated area for symptomatic students to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Students and staff must be fever free for 72 hours before returning to school. The quarantine of students or staff with symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test will be determined based on the Indiana State Health Department unless otherwise directed by the MCPHD. If symptoms suggest the possibility of COVID-19, a student shall only return with a negative COVID-19 test or following the quarantine guidelines.

To see the full back to school plan from Pike Township, see this document.

Pike Township isn’t the only school district that plans to return with a full time, in-person option. Both Indianapolis Public Schools and Center Grove laid out their return to school plans.

Other local schools have made changes to how their school year looks as well. Hamilton Southeastern Schools will return to school  100% virtual and one day later than planned, Washington Township Schools will also return to school in a virtual learning setting. Noblesville Schools adopted a full time in-person return to school but later changed their plans to a hybrid model for their high school, with 50% of students on campus each day. Carmel Schools also announced a hybrid plan for high school students.

The Indiana State Teachers Association met with the Governor earlier this month to share concerns and ask questions about the return to school for both students and teachers.

Working parents are worried about childcare and rightfully so. As plans develop, businesses and organizations are stepping up to help come up with solutions, like AYS (At Your School) Program, will be offering full time E-learning Assistance with childcare.

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