Our family made the trip (about a 35 minute drive from Broadripple) to Piney Acres Christmas Tree Farm for our CHRISTMAS TREE! I didn’t know that this was something that real families could do in Indiana! Growing up, my family didn’t do this and I only saw it in the movies so I had no idea it was a REAL thing, but you can go and cut down your very own Christmas tree! There are so many Christmas Tree Farms near Indy. How cool is that?!

When we arrived at Piney Acres, we stood in a short line and each got a ticket (no admission cost, nothing) and then went outside to get on a wagon to select our Christmas tree. On our way to the wagon we stopped to “look at Santa” since Lulu has become very suspicious of the man in the red suit (Santa is at the farm from noon-4pm on the weekends).

We told the driver of the wagon which field we wanted to visit based on the type of tree and the size we were interested in. Tree varieties and prices are available on the Piney Acres website. When we arrived, we were given a saw to use and we set off searching for the perfect tree. And I do mean perfect!

Once our tree was found (clouds opened and sun poured out and angels sang-seriously) we cut that little guy down (not difficult at all — especially since I was mostly taking pictures of Jay doing it) and dragged him out to the trail and waited for the wagon to come back for us. After a short wait, the wagon arrived, the tree was measured and tagged for us and (gently) tossed into the back of the wagon. When we returned to the lodge, we took our tickets inside and were each given a bag of popcorn and a hot cocoa for FREE. We snacked and relaxed while our tree was being prepared to go home with us. There were also other snacks and food items for sale, toys, wreaths and more!

A VERY short time later our tree was shaken to remove any dead needles, trimmed to remove ugly limbs, netted and then tied down to the top of the car — we didn’t have to do any of this! The awesome staff at Piney Acres took good care of us and our tree.

Piney Acres Tree Farm is located at 1115 E. 1000 North, Fortville, IN 46040. You can reach them by phone at 317.326.1700. They are open November 21st – December 24th. Hours are Monday-Friday 3-6pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday Noon-6pm. Please call ahead to confirm in case anything has changed since the writing of this article! Check out some other Christmas Tree Farms near Indianapolis.