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How do you get a Hi Ho Vacation planner? Click HERE to check out the different Hi Ho Vacation planners and get started planning your perfect trip. HERE are my tips for working with your planner.

We’re working with Hi Ho Vacations and sharing our real-life experience using a Disney vacation planner. This article is part two in a series sponsored by Hi Ho Vacation. See my top five reasons I’m working with a planner.

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Sixty days out from your Disney vacation and it’s time to choose WHAT RIDES YOU WANT TO GO ON AND WHEN??!!!??! Wait. I’m sorry. WHAT?

Yes. That’s right. If you’re new to Disney or haven’t been since your own childhood (which was a different ballgame back in my day, I will say!) things have gotten intense in the planning department. Enter HiHo Vacations. If you’re just tuning in here at part 4, I’m planning my family’s first Disney World trip with the help of Jenn, Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and HiHo Vacations agent. And she is a lifesaver.

Here are the basics with booking Fast Passes…each person gets three fast passes per day, per park. Once you are in the park and have used ALL THREE of your fast passes you may book another FastPass.

SO here’s how this portion of planning went for us.

  1. Jenn sent me some information about rides and times and requirements and recommended that I log on the day the passes opened for us to book what we wanted, because each family is so different. (Of course your HiHo Vacations planner will be happy to be hands-on with the fast pass portion of your planning if you so desire.)
  2. I agree to the plan of booking Fast Passes myself.
  3. I forget completely about fast passes until the night before and FREAK OUT.
  4. I email Jenn, tell her I forgot to think about fast passes…I’m panicking.
  5. She handles it.

I don’t know why I got worked up about this portion of the planning. I think I meant to read blogs, watch videos on the rides, and check out height restrictions, and then life happened. So when I realized that the fast passes opened the next day I felt completely unprepared. Never fear, however, when you book with HiHo Vacations. My planner was not concerned at all. She got online as soon as passes opened, booked some rides that she thought would be a good fit for the ages of our kids and the style of our vacation, and then sent me the info. When I had a chance I was able to log on to the MyDisneyExperience website and fine tune it until everything was just perfect.

Now our trip is right around the corner. We are completely prepared, thanks to Jenn and HiHo Vacations, and I am certain it’s going to be THE. MOST. MAGICAL. VACATION. EVER.

Are you ready to book yet? Head to to start your magical adventure.


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