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Playing (Pretend) Science at Home with Kids

My kids love playing with their water table because it has so many cups and funnels and places to pour water. When they are swimming around in the kiddie pool they are pouring and splashing and mixing. They’ve been fascinated with the measuring cups and measuring spoons in our kitchen drawers since they were babies. I used to spill out the drawer on the kitchen floor and let them do whatever they wanted with the odds and ends of tupperware and bottles and medicine experiments with kids

Today we pretended to be scientists. It was very easy and can be free activity using the things you have in your kitchen. I invested a little bit of money into our scientist kit because I know we’ll be getting a lot of use out of it! All of the suggested supplies below are optional and interchangeable with whatever you have on hand.

My girls spent an hour pouring, using droppers, picking things up with the tweezers, mixing and giggling. Oh yeah, and spilling. I didn’t direct them on what to do but I played alongside them for a while so they would see how I was making use of some of the things. They made their own fun and figured a few things out on their own. They played and played until they finally were so hungry they had to stop for lunch! Clean up was pretty easy and painless. It took less time than it takes to clean up all of our blocks and trains and whatever else gets pulled out during free play.

Suggested Supplies

Cups of any size, a set of plastic measuring cups is perfect
Measuring spoon set,
Small Tupperware odds and ends
Water Bottle(s)
Medicine droppers
Tweezersplay scientist at home indy with kids
Food Coloring
Baking Soda
Dried Beans or Pasta
A tray or cookie sheet to keep water a little bit contained

We’ll be trying some fun stuff with dry ice soon. What supplies and materials would you add to our list? My sister in law created a fun science kit for us for Christmas last year, here’s the pin.

Products pictured and used during our playtime: Learning Resources Jumbo Tweezers Set Of 12
Learning Resources Primary Science Jumbo Eyedroppers with Stand
60 Tube – 16x150mm Clear Plastic Test Tube Set with Caps and Rack
Plastic Beaker Set – 5 Sizes – 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000ml
Learning Resources Colored Safety Goggles

I was not compensated or given anything to share any of this with you. All expenses for supplies and materials were paid for our of my pocket. The product links above might contain affiliate links which help support the efforts of this website.



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