Pokémon U.S. National Championships in Indianapolis

Pokémon U.S. National Championships in Indianapolis


I just wanted to see if you were listening. When was the last time you heard that word? What about Pokémon? I remember when Pokémon first was popular and unlike Pogs, Pokémon has withstood the test of time…Poké-what and what the heck does this have to do with Indianapolis? It has a LOT to do with Indianapolis because the 2013 Pokémon U.S. National Championships are being held July 5th-7th at the Indiana Convention Center (100 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis). This is a free, kid-friendly event that is expected to bring fans, competitors and spectators together to watch as the champions in the trading card game and Pokémon video games compete for national titles.

What exactly is the prize for this big national tournament? Hello! Trips to Vancouver, Canada for the World Tournament! Do you have a Poké-fan in your house? See if they (or you) are eligible to compete. Even if your kids aren’t interested in competing, head on down to the Convention center and check it out! Maybe you’ll find a new hobby for your kids or a way to keep them entertained on summer road trips, or teach them something new this summer.

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