If you know me at all, you know I LOVE a party! Attending a party is fun but throwing a party is really my thing. I love planning the food, dreaming up decorations (that generally fall outside of my budget so they stay in my head, bookmarked for another time), designing the invites, booking the entertainment and praying that the weather will bless MY day with sunshine. Okay, so this one isn’t supposed to be MY day, Lulu is turning one and we’re throwing a big shindig!

We’ve opened the patio and I’ve been working with “vendors” (how’s that for pro sounding?) to create the most sparkly, fun day possible for a one year old BUT it doesn’t matter because everyone tells me, “She won’t even know what’s going on or remember it”. That’s all okay because a party is really for your guests, for the photos, for the memories you can share later when you tell stories (and perhaps a few tales).

Already people are talking about the party and this makes me happy. My friend DMama has already said, “Oh great, now my daughter is going to say things like, ‘where’s my bounce house’ when it’s her birthday.” It’s not often that people are envious of me so I really bask in the glory of knowing that I threw a great party! Yeah, I’m bragging, I know. So, if you’ve been wondering why the posts have been light lately, now you know. I’m busy prepping for the party of the year. Oh yeah, and I’m in a wedding next week too and hosting a rehearsal dinner. That’s why. And, did I mention I work full time?

Thanks for being a wonderful reader and visitor to my website. We should plan to throw a party together sometime. What do you think? Or, we could just go crash some of the awesome events that take place around Indianapolis every single day. Deal?

Looking for places to have a birthday party in Indianapolis?