Quirky Queries: Ghost Hunting 101 at the Indiana State Museum

A small group of adults gathered in an airy corner of the museum this week where they sat, literally, on the edge of their seats listening to a lecture. Everyone was quietly sipping a Sun King beer or a spooky cocktail and raptly listening to the Friday Night Paranormal ghost hunting group spin a tale of science and the spooktacular. Melissa and Darin Bowlby and their daughter Kristin Bowlby came prepared to amaze with a presentation all about their experiences running the group and the supernatural encounters they have had.

Melissa shared stories that had people gasping with surprise and even had museum staff members watching through partially covered eyes. Darin showed off an impressive array of scientific equipment they use during their investigations. The Friday Night Paranormal group is focused on using rigorous scientific processes to yield verifiable video and audio proof of their encounters. They had a table full of voice recorders, cameras, EMF meters, temperature probes, REM pods and even something called a “spirit box”. They explained all of their equipment and even provided a mini “how-to” for those interested in ghost hunting. Though a founding member of the group, Kristin is a self-proclaimed “scaredy cat”. She shared a story of an investigation that left her literally running from a room, without her shoes. Needless to say, everyone in the room was entranced with this event. Near the end of the lecture, participants were able to watch some of the video captured during investigations, ask questions, and, yes, touch the equipment.

The Quirky Queries series is a must visit for anyone that wants to have a beer and learn something new while they hang out in the museum. Tickets for this great series are only $10 for members and $15 for non-members. Price of admission includes one cocktail or beverage. Coming up on November, 12 from 6-9 pm is Quirky Queries: Ice Age Brutes. Check it out to hear all about large and small beasts that roamed Indiana during the Ice Age then stick around to view the Ice Age skeletons in the collection. This event will be led by Ron Richards, the museum’s senior research curator of paleobiology. Grab a friend or go on a date to have a drink, learn and chat with an expert. Imagine all the people you can impress when you tell them you attended a lecture on ice age beasts and chatted with a museum curator over drinks. Get more info at www.indianamuseum.org/calendar/event/1453125.

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