A Montessori inspired bedroom for an independent little girl who's going to share her room with a new baby sister.

The Clean Bedroom: Spotlight on Real Bedrooms of Indianapolis | Shelly

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We’re working with our friends at The Clean Bedroom Organic Bedding and Mattress Store to showcase real bedrooms in Indianapolis area homes. A clean bedroom is more than the items in the bedroom, cleanliness extends to the toxins, allergens and chemicals found in bedding and mattresses. To learn more, stop in and see the experts at The Clean Bedroom on 86th Street. See other featured bedrooms here.

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Let Your Kids Help Design Their Room

In today’s age with Pinterest and Instagram it is very easy to get wrapped up in the idea of having every room in your home photo shoot ready. That’s not a realistic way to live and even more so in a kid’s space. This is where things get tricky. The balance between having a cohesive space to the rest of your home while having it feel personal to your child. I’m going to talk about a few ways we re-designed our daughter’s room to meet both criteria.

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Give them a choice

We started the room with a neutral color scheme using white and light wood on the furniture and white walls. Those basics I chose to be able to grow with her as she got older. To inject a big pop of color I chose 3 wallpapers and let her pick her favorite. We also had her be a (small) part of hanging the wallpaper which completely transformed the room.
From there we added layers of her personality. I asked her to choose some art but put them all in inexpensive IKEA white frames to make them all cohesive in a gallery. We also bought white comforters for her bunk bed but let her choose the sheets (although she only ever wants to sleep with the My Little Pony blanket her Grandma made which I fully support!)

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Let them add their touch in decorating and designing

Soon we will be having a baby and our daughter has requested to share her room. We will be replacing her book/toy shelf with a crib and the baby will need a few of her dresser drawers for diapers and clothes. To make sure she does not regret the decision to share her space we’re including her in the design of her new closet. Because it’s behind a door we’re happy to paint it with happy stripes and hang whatever art she would like to display. It will be her little cave with all her favorite books, stuffed animals and fancy dresses. I’m pretty sure it’ll be her favorite part of her room.

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Make it easy for them to be independent

At 14 months we transitioned our daughter from her crib to a floor bed. We did this to give her responsibility of her sleep routine. She would head to her room voluntarily around nap time when she was sleepy and did the same at bedtime. If she was resisting bedtime we let her read a few books in her bed after story time and she was usually asleep within 10 minutes. We’ve continued with this habit by adding a reading light to her bedside.
Everything in in a child’s room should be easily accessible. We have a low 6 drawer dresser  that has dividers inside to keep all of her clothes in order. She is responsible for folding and putting away her clothes after they’re washed. To help her remember where things go we added simple labels with photos of the clothing item taped to the front of the drawers. This makes it easy for her to pick out weather appropriate clothes as well as putting her clothes away.

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 With using these three tips there will be balance between your child’s tastes and your vision for their room. Getting them involved in the room will give them pride in their space and help them learn to take responsibility for their environment (with encouraging reminders of course.)

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Mattress Pairings for Sophia’s Montessori Room from The Clean Bedroom

Brian Benko, owner of The Clean Bedroom shares his mattress suggestions for families toddler beds and crib mattresses.

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Live Good Children’s Organic Pillows for Sophia’s Reading Area

These beautiful pillows are fashionable, comfortable and 30% off between now and April 1st! Images for the Live Good pillows are screened onto silky-soft and ultra durable organic Supima cotton using water-based ink, and the back closure features soft fabric ties. These pillows come with an organic insert stuffed with kapok fibers. These inserts are moisture-resistant, quick-drying, lightweight, completely hypo- allergenic, mold resistant and odorless.

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Naturepedic 2 in 1 Organic Cotton Ultra/Quilted Mattress

This organic mattress is a perfect choice for young children who are transitioning from a crib to their first “big” bed. The 2-in-1 Ultra combines a certified organic outer cover with non-toxic polyethylene waterproof coating on the top and sides of the mattress and a non-waterproof side made with certified organic cotton quilting. The mattress provides orthopedic medium/firm support with 6 gauge wire providing firm support to the edges. The innerspring contains 14.5 gauge coil steel innersprings. Twin: 360 coils Full:528 coils. Once your child is potty trained you can use the plusher, non-waterproof side until they head off to college.

Why Naturepedic?

Naturepedic designs all their mattresses to be completely hypoallergenic, they do not contain any latex or wool. This makes the Naturepedic line of organic mattresses a good choice for people who have wool allergies, are chemically sensitive, or unable to tolerate latex. While other organic innerspring mattresses use wool as the flame retardant, Naturepedic does not. Organic cotton is significantly less flammable than polyurethane foam. Specifically, Naturepedic mattresses are built from organic cotton fabric and batting, pla (plant based fiber) batting, and steel innersprings. Their materials smolder rather than burst into flames. Naturepedic mattresses meet all Federal and State flammability standards without the need for any toxic fire retardant chemicals.

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