Safe & Gentle Ear Piercing Near You

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This article is sponsored by the Inverness System. Indy with Kids is often asked about ear piercing locations for children, so we asked Inverness if we could give their system a try and share information with our readers.

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Safe & Gentle Ear Piercing with the Inverness System

Have you heard about the Inverness Ear Piercing System? If you are considering having your child’s ears pierced (or getting an ear-piercing yourself) I highly recommend this safe and gentle piercing experience. After watching a couple lucky Indy with Kids readers get their ears pierced in our studio I was ready to send my two-year old up to the stool to get some sparkles in her own ears!

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The first young girl that had her ear piercing done in studio sat patiently while the two Inverness technicians explained the process and showed her the piercing instrument. A pre-sterilized cartridge of her chosen earrings were loaded into the instrument, marks were made on her ears (Mom approved the location), the technicians counted, “One, Two, Click!” Her eyes went wide for a moment, and it was over. I was shocked by how quick and simple the process was. They told us it was similar to a mosquito bite, but I didn’t believe it until I saw it.

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Let me share a bit more about what the Inverness system is and why it’s not your run of the mill piercing-gun experience

The Inverness system is a safe and gentle system that is the best choice for any ear piercing, and is especially beneficial for children. The system pierces ears safely and quickly using a gentle three step system: Cleanse, Mark, Pierce.

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The Inverness system was created for peace of mind. While other methods use loud piercing guns that are spring-loaded and blunt earrings that can damage the tissue of the ear, Inverness Piercing Earrings are designed for the gentlest piercing experience possible. The ultra-thin piercing points with extra-sharp tip glide easily through the earlobe with hand-pressure on the Inverness Instrument for a smooth, gentle piercing.

The Inverness system uses earrings that are fully encapsulated in a pre-sterilized cartridge, guaranteeing the safest ear piercing possible. This cartridge prevents the earring and earring back from being exposed to potential contaminants before piercing. The earrings used with the Inverness system are fine jewelry quality earrings with normal-sized posts, allowing for ease of transition to other earrings once healing of the piercing has occurred.

Inverness offers an exclusive Safety Back™ which is an enclosed back of the earring that locks on and covers the point of the post. This ensures that no discomfort will occur from the post of the earring while also locking on. This promotes safer healing by allowing proper airflow for healing of the piercing.

So why is it different?

As a parent I can’t get excited about anything that might cause my children pain, so I’ve thought about what will happen when my daughter asks to have her ears pierced. After watching two piercings done by Inverness pros I will definitely seek out an Inverness System location when our time arrives. The Inverness System is sterile, offers real, high-quality earrings, doesn’t use a piercing gun or have a loud pop. The earring Safety BackTM is designed to be comfortable and lock-on, and the earring posts have super thin, sharp piercing points which allows the most gentle piercing possible.

So, now you want to know…

Where to find an Inverness System piercing location near your home.



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