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In our younger days, my husband and I would use events like Savor Midtown and Devour Indy as a way to discover new restaurants. You can try a specially prepared, typically three-course meals at a fraction of the cost. We loved the opportunity to explore new restaurants we’d previously not been adventurous enough to try. We’d make our list and visit at least 2-3 new restaurants each time.

But as with most things, our trips to restaurants slowed down after having children. Restaurants with kids can be a harrowing experience. It’s not that we never go out with kids, but often we are stuck going to places we know they will enjoy. Every now and then we get out without kids and we did just that for Savor Midtown sampling.

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We started our evening at the Jazz Kitchen–an old favorite of mine. Even if you’re not into jazz fan, come down for the food. From your typical high-end steaks and fish, to their specialty–the Paella, you will not be disappointed. This night we got to try the crab cakes, which is one of the options on their three course Savor Midtown menu. They were delicious. Mostly crab, with the perfect crunch on the outside and tender on the inside. The Jazz Kitchen is 21+ only, so this restaurant is for an #IndyWithoutKids night!

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Our next stop was Half Liter BBQ and although the hubs and I love BBQ and beer, we’d never been here before. They have a beer garden with picnic tables, plenty of space for the kiddos to run around, games, and a firepit. How have we not been here before?!?! (I think I mentioned we don’t get out like we used to).

All the meats, people! We had the “SoBro Smorgasbord” and we ate all the smokey goodness. It also included some specialty pickled vegetables–which means from time to time you get to try one of their pickling experiments. Yum! We loved this place so much, we brought our family and another family with us a few days later. Their Savor menu is two people for $30 and includes meat, sides, and dessert! And don’t forget to sample one of the in-house German-styled beers. 

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Our last stop was Hoagies & Hops, which is located very SoBro at 42nd & Boulevard Place. But it would be a perfect stop after visiting Newfields, Butler or Marian University, or The Children’s Museum. While we were there to sample dessert, and what an amazing dessert. We also had the opportunity to sample one of their Hoagies too. This is a BIG sandwich. You can order it in three different sizes, but even the small is a pretty large portion.

Like Half Liter before it, I was surprised how kid-friendly a places called Hoagies and Hops can be. They often have live music in the Chilly Water area (that’s the in house beer option) and we even noticed a baskets of Etch A Sketches available. If your kids are not sandwich kids, they also offer all-beef hot dogs and plenty of sides. 

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