grand canyonI’ve always wanted to run in the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. Not because I like running, just to say I did it. A few years ago, B.C. (before children), I slow motion ran in the Geist Half Marathon. I’d really like to tell you that I fast walked but I’m just going to keep being honest with you as always. I don’t think that my speed even qualified as walking. It was like this sad, slow movement where my head knew that I wasn’t really moving that quickly, much less running, but every other part of my body was like, “HEY! Look at me! I’m running!” My fists were clenched, my knees sort of bent, my arms were in the shape of L’s at the side of my rib cages, my face was twisted into a painful, concentrated mess and sweat dripped down every part of me. But seriously, I was NOT running.

I trained for the half marathon. I didn’t train hard core but I trained. I especially excelled at the carb loading dinner the night before. Other things I’m good at? Slow motion hiking the Grand Canyon (see photo).

The entire second half of the race I ran with my head turned and looking behind me. I had two goals; First, I wanted to finish the race. Second, I did not want to be picked up by that bus that picks up people who are just too slow for the race. I couldn’t imagine anything worse. I’d rather cross the finish line in an ambulance. So, I kept watching behind me as I slow motion ran those 13 miles.

Thanks to McDonald’s of Central Indiana, this year I’m participating in the 5K at the Mini Marathon. I don’t say competing because I haven’t run (except for after one of my children) in about 5 years, and what sort of competition would that be? Also, in May I’ll be more than halfway through my pregnancy. I know there are tons of pregnant women out there who run distance and run quickly while pregnant but I’m not one of them, I mean, you read about my non-pregnant running experience, right?

For my participation in the Finish Line 500 Festival 5K, I’ll be working on a few things during the next month, I’ll be walking everyday (that it isn’t raining), I’ll be doing a tiny bit of weight training at the YMCA and I’ll be working on consuming more water and less soda each day.

Disclosure: McDonald’s of Central Indiana has provided benefits, including free OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon or McDsIndyMom_FINFinish Line 500 Festival 5K registration, an Arch Card, a t-shirt and giveaway products in exchange for my participation in this campaign.