Mystery Solved: Ice Sculpture Pop Up Brings Mystery to Indianapolis

We’ve learned that this is the home of Todd McCalla, the creator of National Margarita Day. Sources say that this sculpture was a gift from the makers of Jose Cuervo tequila, a staple in the popular margarita drink. This publicity stunt comes just in front of the holiday, which falls on February 22nd.

On a seemingly random Friday night, a semi-truck arrived from Wisconsin, stopping on the corner of 36th and Central streets in Indianapolis. The freight to be delivered? Twenty tons of snow. That’s right, someone had 40,000 pounds of snow shipped from Wisconsin to Indianapolis.

There were also a group of people who describe themselves as “guerrilla snow sculptors.”

Over the weekend they moved the snow from the driveway next door to the front yard on the corner, where they packed it in to a plywood box to create a form.

During the next three or so days, armed with tools and a tape measure, they created a snow sculpture of a head and what appears to be a hand holding a goblet and perhaps a box of some sort.

The subject and the reason will all be revealed on Wednesday, or so we’re told. The artists were not at liberty to say who had commissioned them, what they were creating and or why. They weren’t even able to indicate if someone lived in the home with the front yard where this is all unfolding.

Stay tuned for more as the mystery is unveiled.

UPDATE: While social media was abuzz with rumors that this sculpture depicted Ron Miner, also known as DJ Indiana Jones, a local music icon who passed away in December, I’ve learned that this is not true. Although, the similarities are striking!

The snow sculpture has been dismantled. It’s unclear if gravity is responsible for this or if vandals had a part in this. During our visit, the artists indicated that the temperatures were getting “too warm” and the statue was leaning. We also learned that there were security guards around when the sculpture was being created.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Solved: Ice Sculpture Pop Up Brings Mystery to Indianapolis”

  1. This is Jeff Miner..I’m rons brother and went down to speak with them about this rumor. They told me it’s nt ron. That’s all they could say.

    1. Thank you, Jeff. We’ve updated the information to reflect the unveiled information. I’m sorry for your loss, I’m sure this has been such a puzzling situation for you all day.

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