Um, hello! Did you know that Indianapolis has a Soap Box Derby track? Oh, and that it’s used frequently for races? The last time I saw a Soap Box Derby race was in the Little Rascals movie when I was younger. I didn’t know that kids actually did that. Kids in Indianapolis actually DO that! On the longest track in the country! Right here!

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Meet up with us on Saturday, May 19th or Sunday, May 20th for a 4 Race Weekend. Saturday, May 19th there is a parade with the participants and their cars at 8am and the race begins at 9am at the Wilbur Shaw Memorial Soap Box Derby Hill (at 30th Street and Cold Springs Road). Too early for your family on a Saturday morning? The race will most likely take place all day, ending near 4pm.

Also on August 25th & 26th or September 29th & 30th. After you watch this, your kids might want to participate and that’s just fine. Soap Box Derby Races are open to all kids ages 8-20 years old and have a strong emphasis on building strong family relationships.

Admission is free. Bring your own chairs, food and drinks and sun block. See you all there!

The Wilbur Shaw Memorial Soap Box Derby Hill is a public park through Indy Parks.