Soft toys are for kids (and parents!)

Kids will usually receive their first soft toy very early in life, usually when they are babies. They will often become seriously attached to this first soft toy, which can be a blessing in disguise for parents.

There are many beneficial reasons why soft toys have stood the test of time as a long-standing favorite not only with kids but also with parents.

That soft toy, usually a stuffed animal, the famous mouse or even a legendary Furby, which goes wherever your child goes, is there for a number of reasons. When a child receives its first soft toy as a baby or a toddler they are not just receiving a toy, they are receiving a new friend.

Learning benefits of soft toys

Kids do treat their soft toys, especially their favorites, as friends and this helps children develop certain learning skills. Children will speak to their soft toys, play with them and create situations, helping to develop their imagination and learn social skills. Many soft toys, such as Furbies, can actually talk to the child, helping them to learn words and phrases.

Kids often treat their soft toys as they would a pet and they become much loved, helping kids to develop and understand emotions such as empathy. For a child, their favorite soft toy will become part of the family and something to look after, often emulating the parent and child relationship with the toy. Just as a pet brings responsibilities for a child, so does a stuffed toy.

Soft toys and benefits for parents

So what benefits does a parent receive from their kid’s stuffed toy? These toys help to keep kids focused, which can be a great benefit for a parent looking for some quiet time. That soft toy is a friend for the child to play with on long car journeys or during shopping trips. While a parent is cooking they can easily keep an eye, or ear, on a son or daughter while they are playing with their toy.

A favorite soft toy is also great when it comes to helping a child get into a sleeping routine. Kids are calmer and will settle more easily if they have familiar things around them, and their favorite soft toy should make the sometimes dreaded bedtime routine easier.

Soft toys are relatively inexpensive but are well worth the long-term benefits they bring to a child and parent.