The Spanish Advantage Club is a preschool, after-school care, all-ages tutoring facility, and a summer camp, with the goal of teaching Spanish. The Spanish Advantage Club Summer Camp offers a full immersion into fun recreational activities, all while learning a new language! Our 8-week long camp includes delicious and healthy home-cooked meals (breakfast, lunch, and snack), field trips, along with a 2-hour block of time focused on academics. 

The summer camp itself has children from PreK-8th grade, but also provides tutoring for all ages from 12-5pm. We are located in Lawrence, Indiana, and our facility includes a cafeteria, classrooms for all grade levels, and a large recreational area with tennis courts, a soccer field, a tricycle track, and a playground. Our goal for this day camp is to send your child home with a smile on their face and with something learned!

Field Trip Activities: Splash Park, Incrediplex, Monon Center, Fishing Trips, Children’s Museum, Trail Hiking, Regal Movie Theatre, Fort Ben Museum, Skate Park, etc.

Camp Activities (In facility): Xbox Competitions, Air Hockey, PingPong Tournaments, Soccer, Tennis Lessons, Foosball, Kickball, etc.

Location: 9615 E 59th St, Indianapolis, IN 46216
Phone: (317) 656-1757