Sugar Factory Opening an Indianapolis Location

Named as the most Instagrammed restaurant in the world, Sugar Factory is making its sweet debut to Downtown Indianapolis. With locations across major cities in the United States and abroad, Sugar Factory is well known for its celebrity-endorsed Couture Pops and over the top atmosphere and desserts. Appealing to the eyes and taste buds, it’s a place that will bring out your inner child with its giant candies and colorful food. 

Indy’s Sweet Details

I visited the Las Vegas and Chicago locations in the past with and without kids and absolutely loved the experiences and eats from Sugar factory. Sugar factory is projected to open in Downtown Indianapolis at 49 W. Maryland St, the former Palomino restaurant space in Circle Centre mall. The space will occupy 11,000 square feet of restaurant, bar, and retail. It’s projected to open at the end of this year (2021), with no exact date just yet. 

The Indianapolis location will offer indoor and outdoor seating along Illinois street. There will be a bar and lounge space, and fire pit outside. All the sugar factory locations offer unique Instagrammable moments and no doubt the Indy location is projected to offer a neon wall art, candy heart art installation, a large flower wall and video wall. A restaurant concept that will truly be a unique addition to downtown Indianapolis that will appeal to all ages from toddlers to parents to grandparents. 

Sugar Factory Restaurant & Shop

As you approach the location from the outside your greeted by the famous yellow ducky sign, as you walk in there is a sugar factory backdrop to take pictures, which makes you feel like a celebrity instantly. The candy store is at the front of every location, it features walls of hundreds of candies to choose from, various sizes of the famous yellow rubber ducky’s, desserts to go such as ice cream, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and donuts. Everything is over the top and glitzy, there are also pictures of famous celebrities who have visited different Sugar Factory locations. 

Once you enter the restaurant café, you receive an experience no matter how old you are. My family visited the Chicago location with kids and grandparents, and everyone had such a fun experience, it’s a place appealing to all ages. The restaurants atmosphere and environment were fun and inviting, there were colorful lights all around the café, beautiful glittering chandeliers, comfy red leather sofas and lots of eye appealing treats being served. 

The Sweet & Savory Menu

No doubt sugar factory’s menu is fabulous and over the top just like it’s candy store and restaurant atmosphere. The menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, shakes, drinks and of course lots of delicious desserts. My family and I visited the Las Vegas and Chicago locations several years ago and loved the savory and sweet menu. The portions are a generous size, allowing us to order multiple items to share and get a taste of a mix of what the menu offers. 

Breakfast & Brunch at Sugar Factory

The Breakfast and Brunch menu serve up one-of-a-kind items such as high stack of rainbow pancakes, it includes a side plate of whipped butter, whipped topping, colorful gummy bears, chocolate chips and strawberries, everything to make your breakfast extra colorful. The restaurant also makes fresh donuts daily, one of its most unique donuts is the rainbow donut; made of colorful rainbow layers topped with marshmallow glaze and sprinkled with candy and edible glitter, a donut that will truly sparkly your morning. The restaurant also serves your typical breakfast items such as an all-American Breakfast, Eggs benedict, waffles with choice of toppings, French toast, Fruit and Granola. Also, expect your food to come out with a bang in presentation and flavor.

Lunch & Dinner at Sugar Factory

The Lunch and Dinner menu feature colorful delectable items as well, such as fried mac n cheese ball in a delicious sauce, Rainbow sliders, monster mac n cheeseburger, fried chicken, and waffles. The menu also includes, an array of soups and salads, sandwiches, various monster burgers, Grilled meats and seafood, Entrees, and pastas. The menu also caters to those who are Vegan or Vegetarian. Also, those with gluten allergies can substitute for a gluten free option. We ordered the Rainbow sliders, a monster Burger, and Salmon Salad. When our waiter brought out the sliders my boys were in awe to see colorful buns, which were tasty to the eye and palate. Every colorful platter on the menu is brought out with a signature yellow sugar factory rubber ducky that you can keep. 

Sugar Factory Drinks & Desserts

There are numerous milkshakes to choose from, the old-fashioned milkshakes are your typical hand spun milkshake in various flavors, during our visit to the Chicago location we tried the Fluffer Nutter flavor and it was very creamy and smooth. There are also Insane milkshakes, these milkshakes truly live up to their name, they are large and adorned with all sorts of candy, cookies, cake, or cheesecake and over the top. The Caramel sugar daddy cheesecake is a famous insane milkshake and favorite among sugar factory fans. It consists of NY style cheesecake blended with vanilla ice cream and topped with a slice of Cheesecake, caramel, sugar daddy, and giant lollipop. Another favorite among kids is the cookie monster milkshake, topped with chocolate chips cookies, a blue glaze donut and cupcake. 

During our last trip to Sugar Factory our family ordered a large 64 ounce smoking goblet drink. These drinks are such a unique item to order that I recommend anyone visiting the restaurant to order a goblet. There are several flavors, the hardest park will be deciding what flavor suits everyone. We ordered the passion fruit goblet that was topped with unicorn candy and candy bracelets, my boys and their grandparents absolutely loved it. When the drink comes out the waiter also adds dry ice to add that extra smoking flare to the drink. The goblets can be ordered with or without alcohol, making it a drink all ages can enjoy. 

Of course, the Sugar factory isn’t complete without its sugary desserts, the world’s largest sundae the “King Kong” is served at every location and consists of 24 scoops of ice cream, all sorts of sprinkles and toppings, bananas, ice cream cones, unicorn candies, candy bracelets and large Chinese candles. It’s an item that is a showstopper and will make any table want to order it for their next celebration. Another famous item that has celebrities endorsing are the “couture pops”, essentially a lollipop with a blinged out stem. There are various flavors of these lollipops to choose from and they taste delicious. The menu also has cute cupcakes, smaller sundaes, various cheesecakes, fried Oreo cookies, and different flavors of gelato. 

Sugar Factory is truly a unique restaurant concept that will bring lots of Indiana residents wanting to try it’s fabulous and over the top food, desserts, and insta-worthy atmosphere. 

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