Some people give their children wings, so they can fly. I’d like to think I gave my children fins, so they could swim.

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Before we had children of our own, my wife and I had a lot of opinions on how we would raise our family. Experience and actually having those hypothetical children has changed a lot of the things we used to think, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to having kids who don’t favor one parent over the other.

We never wanted only one parent to be able to console a baby or have a toddler that would only stop crying if mom was there. Of course we had our moments where one of us was able to provide what our kids needed better than the other parent, but as a general rule, it was important to have equal authority and ability when it came to our relationships with our children.

Katy has more opportunities than I do to be with the kids during the day, so one thing I’ve always done is be the primary person that takes swim lessons with the kids when they are at the parent/child swim class age.

These days, I’m wrapping up that stage of our life with baby Quinn. She’ll be two years old soon and then three and then ready to move on up to the next level of swimming at Goldfish Swim School and I won’t be in the pool with her.


I love the teaching method at Goldfish Swim School–the instructor directs parents on how to interact with their child in the water in order to help our kids get comfortable in the water. I’m able to use these same exercises when we’re swimming in a hotel pool or participating in family swim at GSS. Quinn has been swimming with me every week at Goldfish since she was about 7 months old — it’s been a very special year and swim lessons are a time that I know I’ll always remember and cherish. Someday, I hope she’ll look back and feel that they were just as important to her.

Weeks in Swim Lessons

This scheduled, built-in bonding time with each of my children has been such a memorable time in our lives and as much as I’m excited to see them flourish in the pool and advance to new levels, I’m dreading that day that’s in the very near future where I’ll have to let her go. Some parents give their kids wings so they can fly. I’d like to think I’ve given my children fins so they can swim.

Father's Day at Goldfish Swim School

The Mann family has been enrolled in swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School since January 2017. Quinn has been swimming in the Mini Class with her dad since she was about six months old. James recently left the Mini Class and joined the Junior 1 Class. Six year old Scout decided after one year that she wasn't ready to continue with swimming. Lulu began in the Glider 1 Class and in the past 18 months worked her way through Glider 1, 2, & 3 and then through Pro 1 & 2. In July 2018, she made it to the Swim Force Swim Team, a goal she's had ever since her first lesson.