Maybe we’ll connect on a level beyond the fact that we live in the same geographical location...

The All New Indy with Kids Blog

pregnantI used to consider myself a blogger when I “blogged” on other websites. Then I stopped. I referred to Indy with Kids as a website, not a blog. To me, a blog tells a story of some sort and while I share stories with you about my experiences as a kid or about my kids experiences, I don’t really see Indy with Kids as a blog.

I have decided to add an actual blog to the Indy with Kids website! I miss having the outlet to share and vent and keep record of my journey as a human being. If you don’t want to read the blog, I totally understand — I created Indy with Kids for YOU to find things to do with YOUR family and to create your own experiences and journeys. That won’t change. If you want to read the blog, I hope that you enjoy getting to know our family a little better. Maybe we’ll connect on a level beyond the fact that we live in the same geographical location, there’s a chance we live in the same life stage or similar familial situations or employment status’.


A little about our family at this very moment: Jacob and I have been married for nearly 9 years. We have a golden retriever named Pixy who was our first family member. Lulu is 2 and a half and baby Scout is 7 months old. We’re having another baby this summer! We live in a small house on the south side of Indianapolis. Our family enjoys traveling — especially road trips, swimming,gardening, playing outside, playing inside and eating yummy food — that someone else makes! My husband and I both work full time, he is a winecomputer tech and I work as a director at a not for profit. As a couple, we enjoy traveling on our own, drinking Indiana wine and watching movies and television series.

Thanks for reading!

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