I took piano lessons when I was a kid. I also tried to learn to play the recorder in elementary school. At my first and only recorder concert, the teacher told us that if we didn’t know the song, we should not “try” to play it, just take it out of our mouth hold the instrument in front of our chest. At the end of the concert, my parents asked why I hadn’t played any of the songs…

My husband is the opposite, he’s musically talented in many aspects and I am guessing that Lulu is going to be the same, given her love for all of the little handheld instruments she owns. Imagine Lulu’s happiness delight when she opened up a package from a friend and found the beautiful Glammerati Pop Star Keyboard inside. She is now able to make up her own songs and beats AND play along with three of our favorite songs; “Billionaire”, “Break Your Heart”, and “Whip My Hair”.

The keyboard comes in blue or pink and has 37 keys, four different instrumental sounds, eight rhythm sounds and four special sound effects. Of course my daughter’s favorite features are the record and playback buttons. Much like when I am videotaping my kids or taking pictures, they want to see and hear the results. The keyboard is $30 or less and is just adorable. We’re really enjoying putting together our very own Kidz Bop band with the Glammerati Pop Star Keyboard and the other Glammerati instruments and accessories!


I have received the Glammerati Pop Star Keyboard to facilitate my review. All stories and opinions are honest and true and my own.