The Top Five Reasons to Let Hi Ho Plan Your Disney Vacation

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So you’re thinking about taking the family to Disney, and you are wondering if you need a planner. Well, let me tell you about my experience and I’m fairly certain you’ll see why I think you are totally GOOFY if you don’t let Hi Ho Vacations handle your Disney plans!

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Why You Need a HiHo Disney Vacation Planner

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  1.  It’s FREE.

I know, this sounds ridiculous. But your Hi Ho planner gets paid BY DISNEY, not by you! Using a Hi Ho Vacations planner will definitely not cost you more and often times it can cost you less. Your planner can help you avoid wasted spending by ensuring that your budget goes to the items that will create your family’s best trip ever. Your Hi Ho planner is also the first to know about promotions which may lessen the cost of your trip and will apply those deals even after you have booked! There are NO hidden fees.

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  1. It’s literally their JOB to answer your Disney questions.

Guys. This is a no brainer. Whatever you want to know, you just ask them. At first I felt silly emailing Jenn about a restaurant (Do I NEED to spend 2 meal credits to do Cinderella’s Royal Table or will my crew be happier with two different meals somewhere else?!? How is a mom to choose!?) But then I remembered, that’s ACTUALLY HER JOB! She gets paid to answer those questions, and what’s more, she likes doing it! So, when I asked her she was able to give me the information I needed based on her own experiences, her (first hand) knowledge of the restaurant options, and what I’ve told her about our family. (The result, in case you are wondering? We decided to book the T-Rex restaurant and the character meal at 1900 Park Fare in place of Cinderella’s Royal Table. BUT we kept our Cinderella reservation for now, just in case I change my mind!)

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  1. Disney problem? Not your problem.

If you have any problems once you get to Disney guess who is going to solve those for you? Yep, you got it, your Hi Ho planner.

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  1. Be as involved or as hands-off as you want with your planning.

I know the Disney rabbit-hole is a fun one. Blogs, websites, and Pinterest are full of Disney hacks/tips/and tricks. Using a Disney planner might seem like a quick way to cut out all of your own input. WRONG! You can do as much (or as little) research, blog reading, video watching, tip searching as you want! Don’t want to do anything? No problem. Talk to your planner about your trip vision, wishes, and budget, and he or she can do all the rest!

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  1. Hi Ho Vacations is THE BEST.

With so many planning services out there it’s hard to know which one to choose. So read on. Hi Ho Vacations is an award-winning Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and graduate of Disney’s College of Knowledge. They are authorized by Disney and work directly with Disney and for you. Your personal Disney vacation concierge-level planner from Hi Ho will have personal experience with the type of vacation you are planning.

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Now that you’ve decided that you need a planner from Hi Ho Vacations, check out the next stop to see what to expect when you get started! Have more questions? Ready to pick your planner? Go HERE.

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