TIPS for taking meals to friends busy pregnancy new baby funeral death illnessThese tips are part of series sponsored by KFC and the new $10 Share Bucket.

Kindness is so sweet, but so bitter. Our life is full of friendly people and wonderful acts of kindness. When every single one of our five children was born, our friends brought us meals. When I was on bed-rest for weeks or months, our friends fed our family. When we had a death in our family, my friends made sure we had food on our table every night.

It’s time for something new.

I’ve been making a conscious effort to turn around and pay kindness back and forward. With four babies under my roof and a full time job running a small business, this has been really hard, but my friends are in similar boats and they’ve done it. With a tiny bit of help, I’ve been able to be the same wonderful friend to my people as they’ve been to me.

Tips for Taking Meals to Friends

Find out if there is a schedule setup for bringing food to the family. If there is, join in! If there isn’t already one set up, jump on the free MealTrain website and set one up! You only need to answer a few questions and then send the link out to your mutual friends. Easy. Done.

Add the date to your calendar and set a reminder on your phone for the day before your meal drop off day. On that day, send your friend a text and find out what time would be best to bring a meal over the next day. Easy. Done.

Select the main entree. My go to is the $10 Chicken Share bucket from KFC. My family loves the nine Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders and a second Chicken Share bucket with six pieces of Kentucky Grilled Chicken. KFC spends 25 minutes on each batch of chicken and a cook hand breads and freshly prepares each batch all day, every day. PLUS, our local restaurant has a drive thru! I don’t even have to unload all of my children. All of this means that my friends will get a nice hot meal and have energy to go about their evening. While you might say that I cut a corner to make my life easier, KFC never cuts corners when it comes to their delicious food.

Make your famous blueberry pie or that special salad that you are known for and drop it off with the main entree from KFC, or pick up some delicious KFC homestyle sides to accompany your chicken. Seriously, pie is my specialty. My time is better spent preparing something that I love to make.

This year I’m going to make better use of the resources around me and pass on so much of the kindness I’ve experienced over the past 6 years. I’m pretty excited that there are opportunities to do this in a smart way that shows my friends how much I love them.