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You know how it’s really, super hard to get your kid to smile for a picture when you want them to? Or portrait-innovations-holiday-kids-indiana-indy-indianapolis-carmel-greenwood-plainfieldlook at the camera? Or stop it with the awkward face scrunch or head tilt or, in the case of one of my kids, make their trademark “pirate face?”

Oh, and do you know what it’s like when you have all of those intricacies multiplied by four?

The photo professionals at Portrait Innovations know exactly what parents are dealing with, they’ve seen it 100’s of thousands of times. They also know that you’ll probably walk in stressed out, having just shoved your kid into a portrait innovations indianapolis indiana indy carmel plainfield greenwoodChristmas outfit, complete with tights, a hair bow and ill-fitting shoes.

When we arrived at our photo appointment (15 minutes late, thanks to holiday shopping traffic), the Portrait Innovations team took the lead and my stress melted away. I actually had fun. They made those kooky noises that get your kids to look, and smile. They straightened the dresses, covered up the diapers peeking through and crossed the toddler ankles. They took the pictures and I looked straight at the camera and smiled, so proud of my family.

portrait innovations indianapolis indiana indy carmel plainfield greenwoodSo many things in life are full of waiting. Waiting is a skill that most children haven’t quite unlocked. Being happy about waiting isn’t something I’ve fine tuned either. Like most parents, I’m busy and I like efficiency. Sometimes, I procrastinate too, and that creates a whole new set of issues.

In a little over an hour, Portrait Innovations really made me look like one of those moms that totally has it together. It’s December 1st and my holiday photos are done, printed and even the holiday cards are ready! I’m not kidding!

We walked in, over 150 photos were snapped, my kids changed outfits, we swapped out backgrounds 3 times, I sat at the computer with Amber, our photographer, I selected my six favorite poses (I LOVE ALL OF THEM) and I walked out 15 minutes later with all of my printed photos.

In less time than it took me to pick outfits and style my children, the photos were taken, edited and printed!

portrait innovations indianapolis indiana indy carmel plainfield greenwood

We’ve used Portrait Innovations several times over the past six years and we’ve been very pleased with the gorgeous seasonal sets and backgrounds, the private dressing rooms for outfit changes, the clean bathrooms (with changing tables), the friendly associates and the beautiful photographs that capture our family in a special way.

A few tips from my experience over the past six years;

Book your appointment NOW. It’s not too late to get holiday photos done. Appointments will get more difficult to snag as each day passes, but there’s still time. For next year, Portrait Innovations opens up their holiday set on November 1.portrait innovations indianapolis indiana indy carmel plainfield greenwood

During the holidays, weekdays and early evenings are a great time to set your appointment. In my experience, these times aren’t as overstimulating for my little kids.

Check out Portrait Innovations online for outfit inspiration. The fireplace set is a favorite for our family, it looks so homey and I didn’t even have to clean my house! The outdoor snowy one was so charming and realistic, my kids really loved it. If you’re curious about our outfits, you can learn more here.

Join in. Parents should hop into at least a few photos. There are no sitting fees so it doesn’t matter how many people are in your gorgeous photos.

Portrait Innovations sponsored this article. I chose to work with Portrait Innovations because of our positive experiences in their studio over the past six years.

portrait innovations indianapolis indiana carmel indy plainfield greenwood