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2021 and 2020 have brought many challenges, but planning a super fun birthday party during a pandemic isn’t impossible. There’s no reason to let the Coronavirus ruin your birthday party, just plan a virtual birthday party. My three year old and five year old both celebrated their birthdays under stay at home orders and while it was a challenge, we had such a fun time with virtual parties and a birthday parade. Get creative and then fire up Zoom or Google Hangouts or any other video call platform and let the fun begin! Here are some ways to get creative, stay connected and still have a memorable birthday with your friends and family. Don’t forget, birthdays aren’t just for the kids, you can throw a pretty awesome COVID birthday party for adults too!

More quarantine birthday ideas.

Host a Zoom Birthday Party

My 3 year old had a Zoom party with her grandparents in March, and it was so much fun! We put the zoom call on our TV in the living room, brought in the cake and presents, and everyone sang happy birthday to her and watched her open gifts that were mailed (thank you Amazon!). This is a fun way to stay connected and see each other on that special day. You can even buy decorations, so your background is nice and festive for the big day!

Compile Virtual Birthday Video Greetings

Children love getting told happy birthday! The day is so special, and often the highlight of their year as they anticipate getting older. Ask your friends and family, to take a few moments, and make a happy birthday message for your child. Compile the messages together into one clip, that they can watch again and again! My best friend made one of these for my five-year-old, and 4 months later he still asks to watch it.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Time to flex those creative fingers! Put together a scavenger hunt, and send your friends and family on a race to the finish- virtually! Search for different photos, attach them to a document, and give your guests clues on where to find them online. You could even pick a theme, for added fun.

Virtual Cooking Party

Do you have an aspiring chef? Host a virtual cooking party! Invite a few friends to join you on video, and each family can enjoy cooking together in the comfort, and safety of their own homes. If you want to make it easier on your party guests, you could even put together an ingredient box, and mail or porch drop it to their home so they have everything they need to join you for your cooking party.

Virtual Painting Party

Who doesn’t love Wine and Canvas? This concept would be easy to recreate at home. Have a pre-painted canvas, with the finished product, and then step by step guide the children on how to make their own. The supplies for this would be easy to ship, so that all of your guests are ready to participate, and paint the day away.

Virtual Costume Party

Everybody loves costume parties! Have some fun on your video chat, and host a costume party. The kids can even pick fun virtual backdrops, to match their costume of choice. Photo backdrops are so 2019, am I right?

Virtual Dance Party

This would be so easy, but so fun to create for your next virtual birthday party. Create a killer playlist, set up some fun decorations (maybe a disco ball or black light!) and dance the night away with your friends. The kids will have a blast, and sleep well that night as an added bonus!

Jeopardy! Party

Kick it back to the classics, and host a virtual Jeopardy! Party.  Poster board, paper cut outs, and Velcro would be a simple way to create your very own Jeopardy! board. Your child can help pick the categories, and you could have a prize box set up for your guests to pick from, and ship out as fun party favors.

Virtual Netflix Party

Google Chrome has a cool feature that allows you to host an online viewing party with Netflix, straight from your browser. Simply send the invite link to your friends, and you have a fun movie party! You could send microwave popcorn, and a box of candy to each guest ahead of time, as a fun party favor.

Take a Virtual Trip

Are you missing the excitement of traveling? Take a virtual trip with your friends to get you through the pandemic. There are a wide variety of virtual tours available online, including zoos, museums, and even theme parks. Travel the world from the  comfort of your home and explore places that you might not be able to visit in person.

Karaoke Party

Did you know that Youtube is full of Karaoke tracks? For the singer in your life, this is a great way to connect with friends, and have fun doing it! As a fun extra, you could rent or buy a Karaoke machine for the guest of honor, as a special memory they are not soon to forget.

Host a Virtual Slumber Party

Who doesn’t love girls night? Have the girls “over” virtually and do all the fun things you would typically do together. Your child and their friends can wear their favorite pajamas, grab their snack of choice, and get together online for a fun girls night. Paint your nails, do a facial, try out a fun new hairstyle, or practice a bold new make up look. You can even drop off all of the supplies to your guests for crafts, a baking session or even a super luxe slumber party!

Stream the Entertainment

Did you have an original birthday idea that can no longer happen in person? See if the entertainment can offer their services, or something similar, virtually. Local princess companies are offering video calls with your favorite princess, as well as clown’s and magicians that are hosting online parties for children during this weird season. The nice thing about virtual, is that it doesn’t have to be local. Branch out, and see what you can find for an online party. The internet is limitless!

Virtual Gaming Party

Video games are a fun and easy option to host a party online. Create your own tournament for friends to join in on, and compete together, while chatting virtually. Mario Kart is an easy game to do this on, as you can create your own private tournament.

This season of life is complicated and stressful, but one thing that does not have to be, is a memorable celebration for your child. Kick back, relax, and have the best party ever with a kid tested, and mom approved, virtual birthday bash.

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