25 Virtual Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

What do a box of chocolates, flowers, and heart shaped décor have in common? They all symbolize one of the loveliest holidays, Valentine’s Day.

Virtual Valentine’s Day Party Activities

We don’t typically think of family on Valentine’s Day, most Valentine’s Days throughout the world are spent on couples, parents, and close friends enjoying a kid-free night out at a romantic restaurant our venue. This Valentine’s Day we encourage you to celebrate your family, friends, and everyone close to you.

Send a Virtual Valentine E-card

One of the simplest ways to say “I Love You” is by sending an E-card to family and friends through sites such as Adobe or Smile Box. There are many sites with virtual valentines’ cards to choose from. Choose one of your favorite graphic designs, personalize it with words, and send it, all through the magic of email. All of the Valentine’s Day cards are free, so you and your family can send lots of love to those special people.

Virtual Valentine’s Game Night

An engaging activity that can get everyone involved is a traditional game night party. First, send an Invite to guests through the Zoom or Houseparty app, there are also other apps that can be used such google hangout, skype, and facetime. Next, choose a Valentine’s themed game such as jeopardy from JeopardyLabs.com, Valentine’s Pictionary, Valentine’s Day Charades, Heart Tic-Tac-Toe, or a Valentine’s Day Cards against humanity: Family Edition. Once you’ve selected your game, make sure to set up a time and of course some yummy snacks to enjoy during the game.

Host a Valentine’s TV Party

A new way to watch TV together online is through a Netflix party also known today as “Teleparty.” Teleparty will synchronize videos and can add group chat to Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO. You can customize your Teleparty by choosing user icons, nicknames, uploading screenshots, emojis, and GIFs. Send the invite link to family and friends, bring out the popcorn and heart candy and kid-friendly bubbly for an exciting Teleparty.

Valentine’s Party in a Box

A creative way to bring the spirit of love to family and friends is by sending them a Valentines party in a box. Decorate the outside of the box and place festive Valentine’s Day decorations such as a balloon garland kit, a banner, confetti, or any Valentine’s Day related item inside the box. Family or friends can decorate a space in their home using the decorations and then celebrate together over Zoom.

Valentine’s Day Painting Party

Who said a canvas party can only be done at a studio? Now a great number of local studios are offering virtual canvas painting party packages, or you can put together your very own package and send it to family and friends. Pick a Valentine’s Day inspired picture and email it to loved ones, then gather up supplies such as various sizes of canvas, different colored paints, brushes, and of course, video chat to get the party started.

Virtual Chocolate Making Party

Everyone loves a box of delicious chocolates on Valentine’s Day. This year, make your own! Organize a chocolate making party and be the master chocolatier. End your party with a chocolate tasting of all those delicious masterpieces. Use a mix of milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate and incorporate things like dried fruit, brownie bits, Oreo cookies, caramel, sea salt and more. Chocolate making is a great way to learn something new and fun with family and friends from the comfort of  your kitchen. Or snag some great ideas from our friends at the SoChatti Chocolate Tasting Room.

Host a Zoom Valentine’s Day Party

Set up your home for a Zoom party with family or friends. Decorate your home with all things hearts and flowers. Have a delicious dessert table or dinning table setup Valentine’s dinner. Incorporate fun Valentine’s Day games in a large space in your home and get the party started. Families can send in their Valentine’s Day cards for kids to open and enjoy. It’s a great way for everyone to stay connected all while having fun.

Virtual LEGO Party

This may sound out of the ordinary for Valentine’s Day, but rest assured the kids will absolutely love this idea. Kids can invite friends or classmates to this fun event, while using LEGO bricks from home. Little Bins, Little Hands has some great Valentine’s Day LEGO building ideas using basic bricks. LEGO bricks make any kid’s party and unique building experience!

Virtual Craft Party

Get crafty this Valentine’s Day, bring out the craft box and create a one-of-a-kind craft to send or give to a special person. This will be a great party with Grandparents to host, so that grandchildren can give that special craft to parents. Easy Peasy and Fun has a great list of easy to make crafts that can be made virtually.

Virtual Cookie Decorating Party

We have seen many great cookie decorating kits through local bakeries, no doubt this special holiday will have a great selection of cookie decorating kits to choose from. Families may also choose to assemble their own cookie decorating kits and drop them off at loved one’s doorsteps or mailing them for family living far away. When it’s party time, unwrap the box and login to video chat for an enjoyable and tasty virtual party.

Valentine’s Dance Party

There’s a love song for everyone’s vibe this Valentine’s Day, whether it’s romantic, family-friendly, friendship or simply wanting to set a laid back holiday mood. Create a great playlist with everyone’s favorite LOVE songs, send it to everyone in the party. Once ready, set up a time and space to have the ultimate dance party with family and friends. Afterwards, play a game of “Name that Love song” from your playlist for even more family fun.

Virtual Pizza & Bubbly party

Everyone loves a slice of cheesy pizza, what makes a pizza party great is that you can send loved one’s a box of their favorite hot pizza right to their door on Valentine’s Day. Pizza Chains across the nation such as; Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Papa Murphy’s, Buca De Beppo and Giordano’s pizza offer heart shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day. You can also get everyone hands on and choose to make homemade pizza virtually with loved ones. Kids can choose their favorite sauce, toppings, and cheese to make it a custom heart-shaped pizza. Add kid-Friendly bubbly juice to complete the meal.

Spa Night Party

Another great idea for your child and their classmates and friends, is a Valentine’s spa night party. Girls can get their favorite heart pj’s on, enjoy a pink facial, manicure and pedicures with red and pink nail polish, and soaking feet in a Valentines bath bomb full of roses. Set a small table of Valentine’s treats such as a Valentine’s Sundae, cupcakes or cookies and pink milk for an easy going and relaxing party.

Virtual Gift Exchange

Like a virtual Christmas gift exchange, the idea is to invite friends for a gift exchange. Sites such as Elfster can assist in organizing a gift exchange between friends.

Host a Romantic Kid-Friendly Dinner

Candlelight dinners don’t have to be done in person; they can also be held virtually. Arrange a special night for dinner with the family. Set the table to it’s most festive and elegant setting, using candles or lanterns or sparkle lights. Make a “fancy” meal and bring out the kid-friendly bubbly juice. Setup video chat with loved ones and have a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

Valentine’s Day Baking Party

Everyone loves those sweet treats during holidays, and this is especially true on Valentine’s Day. Hosting a baking party will lift everyone’s spirits and taste buds to a new level. Have a few recipes in mind, before you start the virtual baking party. Decide on what ingredients are needed to make sure everyone is ready before the party starts. Once the party starts, have a person read out loud the instructions and take turns doing so, having kids assist in the process as much as possible. At the end show off your creations to everyone and enjoy your treats.

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