Washington Township Students Likely to Return to Virtual Learning

During the Wednesday, November 11th meeting, the MSD Washington Township School Board voted to change the time in which the schools have to prepare to end in-person learning due to COVID.

In the future, instead of closing after two consecutive weeks of data points that are above 8.1%, schools will have up to seven days to inform district “partners” and parents of the closure.

As for the latest COVID 19 closure, in the event that the data point is above 8.1% on Friday, November 13th, students will attend school in person through Tuesday, November 17th and begin virtual schooling on Wednesday, November 18th. The delay in closing was due to students who amidst assessments and standardized testing (ISTEP) required for graduation.

Dr. Thurston requested that in the future the township communicates better with parents.

At this time, students are set to return after the data points are at 8% or lower for two consecutive weeks.

Communication will be shared with students and adults following.

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