The only problem I have with Christmas traditions is that there are so many traditions that we have and so many others that we’d love to incorporate into our family holidays that there are just not enough days in the months of December for them all! Solution? Start in November! I know, I know, I know! Fine, not until after Thanksgiving! Agreed. However, I’ll tell you about as many things as I can right now so you have time to create your plan of attack…er, celebration!

One tradition that we began with baby Lulu in 2010, was the tradition of heading down to the Martinsville Candy Kitchen (not that far away from Indianapolis at all!) and watching as beautiful, delicious, FRAGRANT candy canes were made. From scratch! And you get to watch it all! I made the mistake of not calling ahead to double check when their “pour times” were for the week night that we visited. The store hours vary by day and are posted on the Candy Kitchen Facebook page but the times that candy canes are made “live” differ so please, please call ahead! 765.342.6390

This experience is such a delight for all of your senses and your whole family is sure to enjoy it! Have an inquisitive child? Perfect! The science behind the creation of the candy cane is amazing and the employees, owners and family members of the Martinsville Candy Kitchen are friendly and passionate and eager to answer your questions! Bring your camera!

There is no cost associated with this activity however be prepared for the inescapable urge to buy a beautiful candy cane for everyone you know (about $1 each) as well as some of the other delectable treats for sale!