We are anticipating a weekend full of rain and showers thunderstorms and probably frogs and lizards coming out of the sky as well. This is unfortunate because we have in our plans a camp out, an outdoor camp out. Don’t you worry though because there are plenty of other opportunities for you to take advantage of this weekend if it does rain.

If you have teenagers in your family, why not let them check out the fully chaperoned, FREE teen hang out on the north side of Indianapolis.

Don’t forget that many Indianapolis museums and historical sites are offering free admission on Saturday.

Most malls have an indoor play area for young children to run and climb and jump. We take Lulu pretty often and she has fun and meets lots of new friends! This Saturday and Sunday at Greenwood Park Mall, come be a part of the Fun Factory — an hands on experience where kids can play with all of the newest toys, crafts, music and more!

As always, the Children’s Museum in a wonderful option for rainy days. The new FROGS exhibit just opened and it’s great!

Even though summer is over, your local library offers some wonderful areas for children to read and play.

Hang in there friends, we’ll get through this weather and soon enough we’ll have sunshine and flowers, right?