We have camping on the brain. This summer we only went camping ONE time! ONE TIME! It was a flop. A giant flop. To remedy our flop and the fact that we’ve only been once, we’re going next weekend. We’ve always taken everything you could imagine needing but once we had Lulu, things changed. Our bags and car were packed differently. Here are some things that we are taking with us next weekend:

1. We generally stop by the AquaSystems water store and grab a five gallon bottle of water and attach this water pump to it. It’s an easy to use, easy to clean pump that is perfect for keeping a clean supply of drinking and cooking (and hand washing and tooth brushing and dish washing) water right at your campsite. Ours generally finds a home on the picnic tables or in the back of the car.

2. Our two man tent has been retired to make way for the all new family sized tent. What exactly is family size?
Well, we have found that the Coleman Montana 8 Person tent is more than enough room for our queen sized mattress, the Pack N Play, the puppy, a chair or two and all of our stuff. Yeah, so we could probably fit another person or two with us but we are looking for comfort on our camping “vacations”.

3. With our tent we need a light. The camping lanterns are always in the way and you typically have to set them on
the floor, even the battery ones are just a pain. We found that the Coleman tent light hung perfectly in our tent and there was even a place made specifically for it! This light was so inexpensive and such a great idea!

4. And finally, I mentioned that we look for comfort when we are camping and let me tell you that the Aerobed Elevated Inflatble Mattress will have you wondering if you really
are camping or sleeping in a bed that might even be more comfortable than the one you have at home! It’s elevated so you wont climb on and then sink directly to where your shoulder blade is scraping the rocky ground beneath your tent! This mattress saves our backs and probably our marriage because we aren’t crabby and arguing the next morning because of a terrible night of sleep!

Looking for places to camp? We recommend Brown County & Turkey Run!