What’s Open During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Note from Indy with Kids: School and public space closures have been put in place by the Marion County Public Health Department to slow the spread of COVID 19/Coronavirus by social isolation and distancing. For this reason, we do not recommend that you and your children go out into public spaces or attend public events during this time.

Open During Coronavirus

Parks, but it is recommended that you do not use the playgrounds/toys. Instead, enjoy a hike, go bird watching or lay on the grass and stare at clouds.

Many restaurants offer take-out options at this time, but dining in the restaurant is prohibited.


Grocery stores are still open but may have reduced hours and limited supplies.

Bike trails. Time to dust your bikes off and hit a trail. Find the road less traveled and maintain distance from others.

Art parks and art trails are a great place to visit, but stay away from others and don’t touch the art!


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