Where are the updates? Where is Katy??

Hello IWK fans- I am Katy’s husband, Jacob.

Wanted to get all of you updated really quickly, and let you know the site will return to regular updates soon!

During her pregnancy with Scout, Katy had some Gallbladder issues. Because she was pregnant, when they removed the gallstones, they did not proceed further to remove the gallbladder.  There have not been any major issues since Scoutie-girl was born, until Tuesday night. Katy came home after a meeting where she had a delicious Qdoba quesadilla- and it fought back. Around midnight, we made the decision to stop waiting for the on-call doctor to call us back, and had some great friends take Katy to the hospital. I stayed at home with the kids.

Wednesday morning at 11am, they yanked out the gallbladder. I’m sure the doctor would use more appropriate technical terms, but yanking out sounds cool.  Katy spent the rest of the day in and out of the post-anesthesia fog, and we talked a couple of times that she can probably remember. Her liver tests are not back to normal though, and she has been in the hospital since then- sore and tired. If by tomorrow the liver tests are still in the range they are currently hovering in- they will go in with a scope, and tweezers to see if there are gallbladder stones blocking her bile ducts. I have made the doctors and nurses aware of my winning streak on that claw game at Denny’s, but so far have not been asked to assist in the OR.

Katy will return to her updates (and has a few for me to do for her before then) as soon as she can. We hope she’s home tomorrow, or Saturday at the very latest. All of the kind thoughts and prayers Katy has received via Facebook are greatly appreciated. She has read, or had them all read to her.

We’ll be back soon- thanks for sticking around!

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