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Swimming lessons for children in Indianapolis are readily available during the summer months, but during the colder months, there are still plenty of options. We’ve always enrolled our children in swim lessons during the “off” season for many reasons, but since we started swimming at Goldfish Swim School, we’ve been swimming weekly, year round. The Goldfish Swim School perpetual lessons make it easy for my kids to progress year-round and enjoy the benefits of a Goldfish Swim School membership.

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Goldfish Swim School offers swimming lessons in the Indianapolis area for children ages 4 months to 12 years. Our family has experienced the Goldfish difference with our children starting at age 6 months and on up to the SwimForce swim team. That’s why Indy with Kids is proud to partner with Goldfish Swim School to share our swim story with local parents looking for swim lessons in Indy.

While I’m specifically speaking to swim lessons at Goldfish today, I believe that swimming is an essential life skill that all children should learn and I’m a huge advocate for teaching children to swim…anywhere.

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I wanted to share with you eight reasons why taking swim lessons in the winter is a brilliant idea;

  1. Many extracurricular activities tend to die down in the fall-spring months, leaving schedules open for something different.
  2. Learning to swim before spring break or summer break water fun is a great idea. This gives your kids time to build up those skills and become confident swimmers so they can enjoy summertime at the pool, family vacations and other water fun during warm months.
  3. Many families choose to continue their children’s swimming lessons during the winter, but it still tends to be less popular (and crowded) than other months. This means that you’ll have more options and flexibility to get the class dates and times that work for you.
  4. Weekly swim lessons keep your kids moving and active during a time of year that many kids aren’t getting enough exercise or movement.

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5. Family swim times are available every week and allow for the whole family to enjoy the 90-degree pool at Goldfish Swim School

6. Continuing to swim throughout the school year helps kids improve their swimming skills, progress to new levels and become more confident swimmers.

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7. Cabin fever no more! With free swim class makeups, family swim, weekly lessons and even parent-child swim classes, swimming is an amazing way to get help kids use up all of their energy.

8. My kids would tell you that if they missed winter swim lessons, they would miss the opportunity to add a bathtub fish to their collection. Every month, Goldfish Swim School has a fun theme and kids get to take home a coloring sheet, a poster and a rubber fishy (like a rubber ducky). This is one of the perks that my children look forward to.

We love our weekly lessons and instructors at Goldfish Swim School Carmel. In the Indianapolis area, Goldfish also operates in Fishers.

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