Adults Only | Wrapping Day: An Annual Gathering of Friends

Let the U.K. have their Boxing Day, we have WRAPPING DAY! Every December, my group of friends gather in one place at someone’s home and we bring carloads of things with us; food, beverages, gifts, bows, tape and wrapping paper. The goal is to finish all of your Christmas shopping by the second week of December and then spend the whole day laughing, eating, drinking and wrapping the gifts for your family.

Let me help you plan your very own Wrapping Day.

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Set the Details

We announce our date for the following year during wrapping day so we have a whole year to make arrangements for our kids, our jobs and our gift buying. You’ll need a date, a time and a guest list. If someone hasn’t been to Wrapping Day in the past, it’s good to help them with a “packing list” and let them know what to expect. For example, is it acceptable to show up and hang out if you don’t want to wrap gifts? YES! Will there be consumption of alcohol throughout the morning? YES! <- Maybe that’s just my group of friends.

Organize the Food

We usually have everyone bring their favorite thing. This year we had cheddar sausage balls, Chex mix, Greek Salad, chicken buffalo dip, cheese and crackers, cookies, cheesecake, fruit and some kind of bacon wrapped cracker. One year we had Qdoba cater the food. Casey is famous for her cinnamon rolls.

Signature Cocktail

I think it’s mostly been an accident, but each year we’ve had a cocktail that we all love. One year it was Licor 43 Cuarenta Y Tres mixed with cream (like Rumchata, but better — Thanks, Ann-Marie), another year it was a super delicious sparkling cider mixed with moonshine (Thanks, Casey) and this year it was a cranberry punch with Prosecco (Good job, Emily.) You’ll notice these are all acceptable breakfast drinks, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves since we begin “wrapping” at 9 a.m.

The Wrapping Stuff

Someone(s) always forget things so the hostess should have extra tape and scissors and all attendees should be prepared to share wrapping paper and tags and bows. This also helps you get a variety of fun papers under your tree. This is also a great time to exchange wrapping paper that you are tired of (that 1200 foot roll seemed like such a good deal six years ago). Bring: wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbons and bows and gift bags if that’s your thing. If you have any cardboard boxes from online orders or other various small – medium boxes, bring those along, everyone appreciates using a box for those awkwardly shaped items.

Special Wrapping Supplies

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