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I love getting together with all of our friends and family. I love a delicious meal that leaves me feeling full — both my stomach and my spirit.

I hate dishes.

I used to think that I hated cooking, but I don’t. If I didn’t have to grocery shop and wash the dishes, I would cook a lot more often and have a joyful heart while doing it.

On Friday, a group of us gathered at Bob Evans to enjoy a family meal. There were four kids and six adults so it was nothing near quiet — laughter, squeals, giggles and dishes clattering as we all filled up on yummy food and wonderful conversation. And then we left.

I didn’t do any grocery shopping and I won’t be doing any dishes.

My husband and I ordered two of the three course slow roasted dinners and a three course steak dinner and shared them family style with our kids.

The three course meal started with either soup or salad with unlimited bread servings.

Bob Evans

You probably don’t want me to tell you that these buttermilk biscuits taste better than my grandmothers. And when you add the butter to them and the butter gets all melt-y, it’s pretty incredible! Don’t forget they are refillable! Maybe that’s why they are better than grandma’s, you don’t have to fight with all of your cousins for the last one.
Untitled design (1)The entrees were fabulous and tasted homemade. The slow roasted meals are something I can never find the time to do at home and after tasting the slow roasted turkey, I don’t think I’ll ever need to try. It’s like having Thanksgiving meal anytime you want.
bob evans

I can’t do this at home. Maybe you can, but maybe you don’t want to. Something else you should know about, Bob Evans hosts Family Nights every Tuesday with crafts, games and kids eat free!

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