Decisions, decisions. Sometimes they’re a little nerve-wracking EXCEPT when they read like this:

Cake batter or blueberry delight?
Root beer or peanut butter?
Georgia peach or cheesecake?

And don’t even get us started about the sides: Lucky Charms cereal, cookie dough bites, strawberries, rainbow sprinkles… it goes on.

Let me explain: Last Thursday, my 5 year old and I met up with friends and had the pleasure of visiting the newest entry to the Indianapolis froyo scene – YUMZ Frozen Yogurt on Southport Road. A rush-hour traffic ride only helped build the anticipation of what we’d find when we arrived and it did not disappoint:

Clean, modern décor, 14 different frozen yogurt self-serve stations, a fabulous toppings bar and one smiling owner named Donna who greeted us upon arrival.

The kids animatedly explored the space while Donna explained to parents that YUMZ features:

– Frozen yogurt flavors under 100 calories per serving (toppings add extra! )yumz2
– All are fat-, gluten- and cholesterol-free
– There are always 2 dairy-free selections
– There’s always one sugar-free option available
– Prices less than major competitors
– Frequent Filler Club cards: 1 point for each ounce purchased and 6 ozs free once you reached 100 points

So no matter what your nutritional needs are, there’s something at YUMZ for you. And the interactive setup is a fun way to get the kids engaged as well as a toppings bar that’s right at kiddo (at least mine!) height-level.

YUMZ makes it easy to enjoy your stop in. The only thing you’ll be faced with is those darn decisions we talked about at the beginning. So let me make it easy for you: GET THE ROOT BEER. All of the other flavors offered were fantastic but the root beer deserves its own place in the FYHoF. {That’s Frozen Yogurt Hall of Fame and yes I just made that up. I doubt it exists. But if it did, you’d find a bowl of YUMZ root beer froyo there with a golden spoon dug in.}

Stop reading this already. Pack up the fam and check out:

YUMZ Frozen Yogurt – Indianapolis
5335 E. Southport Road, #700
Indianapolis, IN

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