A weekend away at the Dunes has something to offer for every style of vacationer.

Indiana Dunes for a Relaxing Weekend Away

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My husband and I are two very different types when it comes to vacations. Jacob wants to go to bed whenever, sleep in until he can’t sleep anymore, eat when he feels like it and then if there’s time to do something, go do it. And repeat. I on the other hand want to get to our destination, maybe check some cool things out on the way, eat at a local restaurant, get an okay amount of sleep, wake up bright and early so we don’t miss anything and not waste anytime so we can see EVERYTHING and do EVERYTHING. And repeat the next day.

Last year we took our family of four up to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore for a long weekend of play, we played DunesWalk Inn Chesterton Indianahard! We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast and ran around doing everything we could cram into the weekend! It was glorious! We had a newborn baby and a 2 year old. It was great because it was exactly how I like to “do” vacation.

This year vacation was a bit more out of Jacob’s book of how to do vacation–It was exactly two weeks before baby Shaundi was born, I was waaay pregnant and so tired. I wanted to get away because the days were just draaagggging by as I sat around at home and plugged away at work. We packed up our little SUV and took off for the final family vacation in that car…with a new baby, we knew we could no longer fit everyone in!

When we arrived at the DunesWalk Inn (1491 North Furnleigh Lane, Chesterton, Indiana), I was thrilled to see the beautiful old mansion that had so many modern updates. When we stay somewhere, my favorite thing to check out is always the bathroom. It is completely necessary to me that there be a clean, beautiful bathroom. I was NOT disappointed! Jacob always checks out the technology; wifi – check, flatscreen tv with cable – check. The kids want space to play, places to hide and the ability for mom and dad to keep the snacks coming (a kitchen with a refrigerator helps with this). DunesWalk had everything we needed wanted.

indiana dunes state park sandy beachesA weekend away at the Dunes has something to offer for every style of vacationer.

We rested, relaxed, ate yummy food cooked in our very own kitchen, stretched out on the beach (Indiana Dunes State Beach – 1600 N. 25 E., Chesterton, Indiana), went swimming in the cool water, played, made a blanket forts on our bunk beds, ate yummy italian food, chilled out with brightly colored ice cream and tried some new food.

The nightly rate at DunesWalk Inn ranges from $125-185 depending on which accommodations you choose. We stayed in the Beverly Shores Suite which was just perfect for our family: fireplace, whirlpool bath, queen bed, queen-size sofa bed, twin bunk beds, kitchenette, and private dining area. The kitchenette had cookware and dinnerware that we used to prepare meals in the oven and on the stove. The microwave was perfect for the popcorn we popped before all four of us curled up together on the bed to watch a movie. Lulu slept on the bunk beds and we put Scoutie’s pack and play in the dining room so she could sleep well.

While sleeping in away from home with toddlers isn’t the same as the sleeping in that Jacob has in mind for his ideal Indiana Dunes State Park Beachesvacation, we really spent the whole weekend just taking it easy and relaxing. DunesWalk is a short drive to the State Park (if you are going to visit an Indiana State Park a few times throughout the year, I recommend purchasing a pass for $36 like we do) and there’s a beautiful beach with a huge dune for kids to climb. We enjoyed some leisurely time there and since parking is close, we didn’t spend a ton of time and energy lugging all of our gear like we did last year.

Our accommodations and one meal were provided for the purpose of writing this review. All other transportation, food, entertainment expenses were paid for by our family. The above stories, opinions and thoughts truthfully reflect our experience. If you have any questions, please email me katy(at)indywithkids.com

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