Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free or Cheap

Restaurants where kids eat free and cheap in Indianapolis

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Kids Eat Free Locations in the Indianapolis Area

Kids Eat Free Locations in the Indianapolis Area

We found tons of kid-friendly restaurants and here are the ones with a kid’s menu deal! Kids eat free and at discounted prices at so many restaurants in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Check out our list below and add your favorite by sending us a message. 

As with everything, please call ahead to verify that information is still correct. Most deals below require one adult entrée purchase per free kids meal. Indy With Kids is not responsible for any unexpected costs. Have fun and yum yum!!

Kids Eat Free in Indy on Monday

Kids Eat Free in Indy on Tuesday


kids Eat Free in Indy on Thursday




Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Eat Free

What is a “Kids Eat Free” program?

Kids eat free is a promotion offered by some restaurants where kids can eat a free kids meal or off the children’s menu with the purchase of an adult entree during certain times or on certain days.

What age range do kids eat free programs typically cover?

The age range varies depending on the restaurant, but most “Kids Eat Free” programs are for children 12 and under.

Do I need a coupon to take advantage of a kids eat free offer?

This also varies depending on the restaurant. Some may require a coupon or promotional code, while others may not.

Can I use the kids eat free promotion with other discounts or coupons?

Again, this varies by restaurant, so it’s best to check with the specific establishment beforehand.

Are kids eat free programs available every day?

No, kids eat free promotions are typically available only on certain days of the week or during specific times of the day and vary for each restaurant who participates or has an offer.

What types of food are typically included in a kids eat free day?

The menu options for the free kids’ meal also vary by restaurant, but they usually include options like a kids’ hamburger, chicken fingers, macaroni, and cheese, or a small pizza.

Are beverages included in a kids eat free offers?

Sometimes, but not always. It’s important to check with the restaurant to find out if drinks are included or if they are an additional charge.

Can I order multiple free kids’ meals if I have multiple children?

This depends on the restaurant’s policy. Some may allow one free kids’ meal per adult entree, while others may allow multiple free kids’ meals per adult entree.

Are kids eat free programs available at all restaurant locations?

No, “Kids Eat Free” promotions are often only available at select restaurant locations. It’s best to check with the specific restaurant beforehand to find out if they offer the promotion.

Where do kids eat free near me?

We’ve tried to compile the biggest list possible and we’ll update it as frequently as possible. Select the day of the week to find out where children eat free on specific days.

38 thoughts on “Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free or Cheap”

  1. On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 – 7:30 ALL kids eat free with 1 adult meal at Jason’s Deli in Fishers. 11621 Fishers Station Drive , Fishers, IN. On Tuesdays fun Face Painting and on Thursdays amazing Balloon Twisting provided by Abracadabra. Don’t miss the great food and lots of fun!!!

  2. FYI Jason’s deli in Fishers just told my wife no more kids eat free or kids activity on Thursday night. Unsure regarding Tuesday. Also my wife asked the manager to change tv away from ESPN due to cussing. although nobody else was watching tv due to restaurant being nearly empty, the manager refused.

    Also, Cheeseburger in Paradise Greenwood and Max and Ermas Carmel both closed.

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