Indianapolis area Valentine's Day events.

Indianapolis Valentine’s Day Events for Kids

Valentine’s Day Events & Activities for Kids

February is here and so is Valentine’s Day! There are many ways to tell your kiddos you love them and these family friendly Valentine’s Day events and activities for kids are just the icing on the heart shaped sugar cookie. Don’t miss all of the area daddy daughter dances and mother son events!

Valentine’s Dinner with Kids

There are so many options for Valentine’s Day dinner locations that are family friendly, but we have a few favorites that seem to roll out the red carpet for everyone, including children on the big day of love.


Valentine’s Dinner at White Castle with Kids

It all started as a joke but now it’s our annual tradition to have Valentine’s dinner at White Castle. We’ve tried a few other Valentine’s Day dining options with our kids, but we always go back to White Castle. Maybe it’s the inexpensive menu, maybe it’s the fun and novelty of having table service at a fast food restaurant or maybe it’s just that we’re not intruding on anyone’s romantic Valentine’s dinner — we really love it! But you’ll actually need reservations if you’re going to eat here for V-day!

Valentine’s Dinner at Dairy Queen with Kids

Last year we made reservations at the Dairy Queen for our family. There were tablecloths and decorations and someone greeting us at the door, but other than that, it was a pretty typical day at Dairy Queen.

No Events

– Take them to a Valentine’s Day dance.
– Enjoy a family friendly themed dinner at White Castle.
– Kids Eat Free at these Indianapolis restaurants.
– Go on a hike.
– Hit the lanes and try out Duckpin Bowling.
– Hold hands and support one another while ice skating.
– Make something at a paint your own pottery or canvas location.

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