30 Date Night Ideas for After the Kids Are in Bed

Written by Aishah Eljirby and Jessica Deubner, Indy with Kids {This article may contain affiliate links}

Sometimes it seems a date night out is just out of reach–good babysitters are hard to find and ever-changing schedules are nearly impossible to negotiate. Having a date night with your sweetie can seem impossible.

But date nights are an important part of a relationship, especially when raising small humans. Get creative with your romance and set aside some time once in awhile to focus on one another, all from the comfort of your own home. Even if you have to squeeze it in after the kids are in bed!

Here are 30 great date night ideas you can do after the kids are asleep.

At-Home Date Night Ideas

Indoor Camping

Create a cozy place to hang out in your living room. Using lots of pillows and blankets, make a comfortable lounge space. You can use a small tent or make a blanket fort to add to the ambiance. Light some candles around the room for an added romantic touch.

For a fun treat, try indoor s’mores. Get creative! Make a charcuterie board of s’mores ingredients with different types of graham crackers, chocolates, and even other candy bars. May we suggest peanut butter cups? If you don’t have a fireplace, complete the look with a cute s’mores fire using a gel fuel source inside a terra cotta pot.

Travel the World

Pick a country and plan an entire evening with things to do from that culture. For example, host an Italian night! Look up a new recipe and try to cook together. Buy an Italian wine to share. Set the table and the mood. Cover the table with a tablecloth, add candles or flowers, and turn on a Spotify playlist with Italian music.

After dinner, watch a movie from that country. Turn on subtitles or just snuggle with your sweetie and enjoy the show. Top of your evening with a pint of gelato. This type of date night can be done again and again and will always be a little different since there are so many different countries and cultures!

Photo Projects

If you are anything like my husband and me, then you have a ton of photos sitting around on your phone or computer not being looked at. Make a plan to use them! There are so many things you can do with them. You are more likely to actually work on something if you have a night devoted to it.  Print some pictures to make a scrapbook, upload pictures to Shutterfly to make a project from their website or order some Mixtiles to be delivered to your house (Highly recommend Mixtiles: affordable and easy to hang). You could also make a collage or mod podge pictures to a wooden piece to hang on the wall.

Beer or Wine Tasting

Now is a great time to support local breweries and wineries. Stop in and grab a few choices to try at home. Set up an actual tasting with small amounts of each beer or wine to sample. Create a list of favorites for future purchase. Make a charcuterie board to snack on while sipping the drinks!


Sadly, one of my favorite Tapas restaurants has closed, but I still crave all of the delicious small plates. Why not try it at home? Plan a menu with your sweetheart, shop together for the ingredients, and cook together. Since you will be trying new recipes, you will need each other’s help, for sure! Whip up a batch of Sangria to ease the stress of cooking. Share all of the plates and feed each other, sharing is always more romantic!

Pizza Parlor

Pizza is delicious and basically everyone likes it. But what is even better than pizza? Small homemade pizza with personalized toppings! You can decide if you want to make the crust from scratch or buy some–Trader Joe’s has great fresh pizza dough. Then, make the pizza of your dreams! Making a few small pizzas means that you get to try out more combinations and see what tastes best.

Crafts and Cocktails

An immensely popular date night has been to go out and paint with your significant other while enjoying an adult beverage of your choice. But you can easily recreate this date at home!

First decide on what type of craft you are going to do, there are so many kits already set up and assembled for you, there are even monthly subscriptions for crafty date nights. Painting on canvas or pottery, string art, flower arranging, planting succulents for the kitchen, or doing a woodworking project are all great choices. Then pick a cocktail (or mocktail!) or beverage of choice to enjoy while working together on your projects.

Movie Marathon

Obviously, a lot of us are watching more television at home these days, but maybe you haven’t had time to binge that new series or sit through a whole movie. Go make that time! I finally gave in and watched all the Star Wars movies. We would watch one a night or even just half of one and it gave us something to look forward to for a couple of weeks. And, I discovered that I like Star Wars!  Who would have guessed?

Surprise Date

If you and your partner are having trouble deciding what to do, then this is the date for you. Start with two jars and cut up two sets of paper slips. Divide the strips evenly between the two jars. On the first set slips, write down ideas for meals to have or order in. For the second set, write down movies you want to watch. Put each set in a jar and when the next date night arrives, draw a slip from each jar. Voila, date night!

Game Night

Learn a new game! Or play a flirty adult game. There are tons of board games out there, pick a new one and learn how to play it together. Or teach your partner one you already know. Since you are learning something new, this is a great chance to order takeout so that you don’t have to think about what to make.

Spa Night

A spa night is the ultimate in relaxation and romance. Set that scene with soothing spa music, candles or a diffuser, and plenty of fluffy towels. Share a bubble bath, do facials, and give each other massages to set the mood.

Zoom Double Date

A double date is a great way to keep in touch with friends when you can’t leave the house. In comes, the Zoom double date! Pick another couple order takeout from the same restaurant. Enjoy your meal together as you would in a restaurant. We recently participated in a Taco Tuesday-themed Zoom date, and we didn’t forget the margaritas!

Backyard Picnic and Stargazing

Grab a blanket and pack a picnic to share in the backyard. Make a Caprese salad–cut up some different cheeses to try, and include other fun small bites to share. Download a stargazing app on your phone and check out the stars once it gets dark. Bonus points if you have a telescope!

Go to a Sporting Event

Sporting events is one of our favorite date nights–we both love sports and are missing the in-person action greatly. Check out your favorite team’s schedule and plan to sit down and watch it together at home. Sometimes you can find classic games on the sports stations.

Prepare your favorite concession stand foods to enjoy while you watch. Or do one better and upgrade those foods. Make popcorn with elaborate seasoning and nachos with all the fixings.

Just the Classics

Share your favorite childhood meal with your significant other. Yes, even if it is silly! Or share a family member’s most famous dish. Share stories from when you were kids and laugh at all the funny things you did. Pick a retro movie to watch and album to listen to from back in the day to round out your trip to the past.

DIY Night

Perhaps you have watched a little too much HGTV recently. Or maybe your home is driving you crazy at the moment. Switch things up and redecorate a room in the house. Hang new pictures on the walls, rearrange furniture, and declutter your items. It will give a fresh new feel to any space.

Play Video Games Together

Before my husband and I were married, he loved playing video games, especially with other players. After we got married, he introduced me to all his flight games and the Wii, but since having kids we hardly ever play. Spend the hours after bedtime in romantic competition!  Test out your skills on some long-time favorites and try some new games too. Right now, the Nintendo Switch is super hot! We’re playing games like Animal Crossing and Mario Cart Deluxe.

Nerf Wars

I must admit, I think my spouse and I love playing with Nerf guns more than our kids do. We roam the toy aisle looking at those glorious Nerf guns, and honestly what they have these days is so much better than they had when we were kids. A Nerf war game night outdoors would make a great date night. You can each secretly shop for a weapon of choice and have a fun Nerf war in your backyard.

Go Dancing

Find your wedding song and enjoy an evening of dancing and reminiscing about the pre-kids days. Find some new-to-you songs and spend the night swaying in your partner’s embrace. There’s no wrong way to do this!

Romantic Room Service

Pretend you are at a fancy hotel. Setup the room with robes, slippers, and candles. Take turns serving one another champagne and strawberries. Enjoy a relaxing evening in a nice comfy bed.

Bonfire Date

Regardless of the temperature, a bonfire date is one to enjoy all year round–except maybe those wet rainy days. Set up some comfy chairs or a picnic blanket and light the fire pit. You can either enjoy a nice simple hot dog dinner with s’mores afterward, Or just enjoy each other’s company by the fire pit.

Enjoy a Meaningful & Deep Conversation

When was the last time you and your spouse had an actual deep and meaningful conversation? When you have kids they always seem to know when to interrupt a good adult conversation. Add in all of life’s other responsibilities and simple conversation seems impossible. Find a quiet, private spot and really have a conversation.

Theme Nights

Choose a theme and build a fun date night around it. It can be a decade theme, a cultural theme, or any theme you find fun and exciting. Pick some recipes that fit the theme and cook something new together. Make a special cocktail, invent a new drink that fits the occasion. Find a special movie or activity that ties your theme together.

Try a Date Night Subscription Box

These days there are lots of great box subscriptions. For my birthday, my husband gifted me a “snacks from around the world” subscription box and I absolutely loved it. Now I am a sucker for those amazingly curated boxes. I came across a date night box and have ordered one to try out with my husband. Check out SpicyBox Date Subscription or Crated with Love.

Learn Your Love Language and Personality Type

Speaking about connecting with each other on a deeper level, consider taking an online love language quiz. There are lots of great quizzes to test out and learn more about yourself and your spouse. It’s a great way to build a deeper connection to one another. The Myers Brigg personality test and the Enneagram personality number test are also cool ways to discover something new about one another.

Enjoy a Musical or Play

Do you and your spouse enjoy the theatre? Try streaming some classic musicals or plays, or finally catch the blockbuster Hamilton. Lots of services are currently offering free streaming of plays and musicals.

Backyard Movie Theater

With movie theaters across the nation closed, lots of people have become creative in setting up their own movie theater experience from the comfort of their home. All you need is a projector, a black wall or sheet, and some comfy chairs or picnic blanket and of course some concession stand favorites. Don’t forget the Popcorn!

Candlelight Evening

Set up a romantic night by shutting off all the lights, turning the cell phones on mute and lighting some candles. Set candles all over the room and cuddle in the tranquility of a serene evening. Try these flameless battery operated pillars, just to be safe.

Yoga Night

Roll out the mat, stretch out your body, and do yoga together. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there are many free online yoga videos for every skill level. If you want to make it a bit more romantic, try hot yoga. Set up a room with a space heater and turn up the heat! Don’t forget your water bottle.

Bubble Bath for Two

Bubble baths are not just for kids anymore! More and more couples are finding this affordable pleasure to be relaxing for the body, mind, and soul. Enjoy a soak with your significant other and shake off the daily stressors. Set the mood by including candles, wine, and some soothing fragrances such as lavender. You can find inexpensive bath spa kits that have all of the bells and whistles. My latest purchase is this adorable set of bath bombs. One for every night!

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