11 Gift Ideas for a Date Night At Home

Staying in is the new going out and there’s no exception, not even for date night. We’ve always know where to find the best places to go on a date in Indianapolis and we even became experts at the best date ideas during COVID. While dinner and a movie were the old go-to date night ideas, couples have been spending their time getting creative at home. This isn’t a bedroom joke, but it could be.

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Date Night in a Box

Some couples have outsourced their date nights to a monthly subscription box like the Adventure Challenge Couples Edition or Crated with Love. We tried out the Adventure Challenge scratch off date night idea book and had a blast! You and your significant other can buy the book and select dates based on price, time needed, time of day/night and more. Then you scratch off a spot in the book (like a Lottery ticket) to reveal a date! This makes the date even more fun since neither party knows what to expect. The only rule is that you HAVE TO complete the date. To enhance the experience, you can subscribe to their monthly date box, The Adventure Box. It will arrive with instructions on which date to scratch off and all of the materials needed for that date!

Be Board

Charcuterie boards have been all the rage for a while. Cheese, meat, crackers. Lay them out on your favorite cutting board or tray and you’re a charcuterie artist! You can also boost your efforts and create a charcuterie board for anything: pizza, chili, dessert items, waffle bar, anything! We love taking our traditional chicken and waffle bar and turning it charcuterie on our gorgeous Fab Slab. We’ve also created a fondue charcuterie arrangement.

Wish Upon a Star

Lay beneath the stars on a blanket and watch the night sky. Make it even more special when you sip your beverage from your custom Night Sky wine glasses. Capture a special time and have it etched in glass. Well Told will create a made-to-order etching of the way the sky looked at the place and time of your choosing. You’ll see the same stars, constellations and planets on your glass as they appeared during your special night.

Set the Table for Romance

Angie’s Tables offers themed tablescapes to elevate your dining room table to the style and sashay found in five star restaurants. Order a table setting today that includes; candles and holders, table cloth, table runner, napkins, napkin rings and placemats. Each place setting is curated to reflect your theme and elegance.

Warm Up

There’s no need to play with fire, but the wax from a Lucky Thirteen Candle is all good! Light a candle, let the wax warm up and then after extinguishing the flame, spill a little warm wax on your partner. Lucky 13 candles turn in to a luxurious massage oil that’s made with soy wax, shea butter, sweet almond oil and essential oils.

Choc It Up to Fun

If sweets are your thing, assemble a yummy fondue dessert and gift your love a brand new fondue set. Or keep it simple and try some chocolate body paint!

Get Intimate Between the Sheets

There’s nothing like making the bed, just to mess it up. Gift your love a brand new set of luxurious bed sheets and then stay under the covers all day.

Whisky Business

Sign up for a meal prep subscription to relieve your Valentine of dinner planning and shopping a few nights a week. Put on that apron… and maybe only that apron, and whip up the first meal together. If a subscription isn’t your thing, order those groceries for delivery and make your own special meal without the hassle of the grocery store.

Better Latte Then Never

Coffee subscription boxes are all the rage for coffee lovers. Pick one and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Wrap up a frother and call it the perfect gift!

Loud and Clear

Turn on a steamy audio book on a super sweet, waterproof bluetooth shower speaker. Or, put together your own playlist and get moving to the music as you lather up and wash one another’s hair.

Teas Me

Gift an electric kettle for the tea-lover in your life and throw in some special tea blends like this sampler that comes in heart shaped tins, or skip the rose petals on the bed and give some rose petal tea.

There are so many other date nights you could have at home and you wouldn’t even need a gift to go along with it. Here are 30 ideas for at home date nights after the kids are in bed. During winter, there are still a ton of socially distant COVID date ideas.

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