Fair Food Recipes You Can Make at Home

Just about everyone I know goes to the Indiana State Fair for the food. Okay, we go for the animals, exhibits, and rides too. But if ask anyone what their favorite fair food is, I guarantee you’ll get an impassioned answer.

My husband prefers a Ribeye sandwich, while the kids typically go for corn dogs. I personally want a pork burger, ear of corn, and funnel cake–in that order. Wash it down with a Dairy Barn milkshake up and I’m in State Fair heaven!

In Indiana, we’re known for our outrageous fair food. Thanks to some of our favorite farm families, we have 13 Fair Food Inspired Recipes. Enjoy!

Hoosier farming families continue working hard to produce the food you and your family enjoy every day. Thank you to our local soybean and corn farmers for sharing their favorite recipes. You can learn more about Indiana farmers and farming at The Glass Barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. 

To learn more about Indiana farming and their families  Recipe and photo by Recipe and photo by sign up for the Glass Barn Sharing The Farm Table newsletter. Each month they will send you delicious, easy recipes to help make mealtime with your family even more tasty.

Crock Pot Pulled Pork BBQ

Recipe and photo by www.chasing-saturdays.com

Traditional Coney Dog Sauce

Recipe and photo by www.farmwifefeeds.com

Funnel Cakes

Recipe and photo by www.farmwifefeeds.com/funnel-cakes

Grilled Cheese and Milkshakes

Recipe and photo by www.farmwifefeeds.com

Grilled Pork Burgers

Recipe and photo by www.farmwifefeeds.com

Bacon Cheese Loaded French Fries

Recipe and photo by plowingthroughlife.com

Easy Pulled Pork Nachos

Recipe and photo by plowingthroughlife.com

Teriyaki Beef Cube Steak Skewers

Recipe and photo by www.beyerbeware.net

Corn Dog Muffins

Recipe and photo by www.beyerbeware.net

Grilled Corn on The Cob

Recipe and photo by www.myfearlesskitchen.com

Fried Chicken

Recipe and photo by www.thebackroadlife.com

Grandma’s Caramel Corn

Recipe and photo by www.theseoldcookbooks.com

Crockpot Beer Brats

Recipe and photo by www.farmwifecrafts.com

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